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5 Ways to Save on Organic Food

5 Ways to Save on Organic Food

I’m sure it’s a no brainer, but I’m going to say it anyway, it just makes sense to buy organic food. 

Now, I’m not saying this to start a controversy, I know that it may be okay to buy certain foods that aren’t labeled “organic”. 

I just believe that if you can buy something that has no chemicals, hasn’t been made or altered to some weird state in a lab tested on animals, that it’s probably better for you than something that has gone through all of that.

Just sayin’.  :)

With that said, I also understand that the price of organics can be quite high.  With the cost of living rising faster than our paychecks, I know I’m always looking for a way to feed my family food that will prolong their lives and make them feel great at a more affordable price.

5 Ways to Save on Organic Food

1.  Check the Sales Ads!  I know it’s not a new idea, but sometimes you can find amazing deals on organic food right in your local grocery store.  Once my local store had conventional blueberries on sale 2/$5 and the organic ones were the same price.

A couple times a month I find the 5lb bag of organic carrots are cheaper than the conventional ones at my market. I love it when that happens! 

Always check the sales paper, and do not be afraid of walking by the organic produce aisle, you may be surprised.  I always find 1-2 items cheaper than the conventionally grown. That’s better than nothing.

2.  Use Coupons!  Yes, coupons for organic foods do exist! Check Mambo Sprouts coupons for deals on organic products at Whole Foods, Ralphs, Sprouts, and more.  Find coupons at some of your other local health stores (even Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods) over at

3.  Shop Local!  From time to time you can find great deals at your local farmer’s market on organic food.  Make sure that it’s organic! Just because food is at a farmers market doesn’t mean it’s organic.  Find your local farmer’s market here.  (This makes an excellent date with your hubby by the way.)

Shopping at your local CSA (community supported agriculture- it’s like a farm share program) is a good idea.  Or shopping at small independent natural stores, local farms or stands, or food co-ops.  Check out to find your nearest organic suppliers. 

4.  Visit Organic Product Websites!  Organic companies want you to buy their products!  Many of them offer coupons.  I’ve even gotten products free! Some companies have you like their Facebook page, or ask for your email address, others have coupons free for the taking on their website. Check here for a list of companies that offer coupons for their natural and organic products.

5.  Check the Dollar Store!  This is my favorite tip by far.  Last year I was going through my local 99 cent store and found some organic veggies! It was the same box of organic lettuce in a box with the roots still attached that I had bought the week before, for about $2.50, at my big chain grocery store. But of course here it was, just 99 cents!!!  Every time I go back I find more and more organic veggies and canned foods like beans, soup, broth, etc. 

Question: How do you save on your organic food?

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