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Easy Pulled Pork Sandwich

Since becoming a mom to E only 9 short months ago my main concern is to find ways to fix a good meal but quickly and something that doesn't take a lot of work. Not too long ago I decided that I wanted to use my crock pot skills and take them to another level. I decided the first thing I wanted to learn how to fix was pulled pork. One of my favorite things is a good p...

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Aunt Vivian's Chicken in White Wine Sauce

I have never much cared for Italian cuisine. I could leave pasta, the red sauce, and the rich meat sauce alone. Oh but this was until I met an Italian who cooks authentic Italian food. Sharon, our associate pastor and dear friend, introduced me to authentic Italian cuisine about five years ago now. I have tried the best fresh ingredients and flavors. With Sharon's per...

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Easy Chicken Stir Fry

My dad went to culinary arts school. So growing up I had a chance to taste all sorts of creations!  When I got married and started cooking for my husband (at the time I could NOT cook) and we had some adventures. I tried simple recipes. After awhile I started making and mixing my own stuff. This has been a slow process simply because I am a busy woman! I have things...

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Grandma Pruitt's Tender Chicken

I have such fond memories of my maternal great grandmother. Grandma Pruitt came to our house frequently. There was a recipe my dad created that Grandma Pruitt loved! She would always eat several pieces. Dad made it for her every time she came over. So I am going to share it with you. It is one of my favorite things! (and sooo simple!!) Grandma Pruitt's Tender Chi...

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Blast the Music - a Practical Fun Date Night

I really hope I am not the only one that feels a little overwhelmed by all the Christmas decorations needing to be put away, or the presents still needing to be organized now that all the holidays are over! I did not think so. :) Sometimes I think we as couples get into a routine, I know we do around here.  It can also get a little stale with all the mundane things...

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