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Listening Night

You know the old saying "opposites attract"? In many ways, that was true for my husband and I. While we certainly have our similarities, there are many ways in which we are opposite.  My husband, for example is and extrovert and kind of a genius. He taught himself to read Greek in less than a year, and his idea of a relaxing afternoon is studying his tremendously th...

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Watch Closely...Or You May Miss the Best Marriage ...

The Best Marriage Advice Never Told I often ask friends, family and members of the Happy Wives Community this one question: "What is the best marriage advice you’ve ever received?...

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The Date Night Dilemma

Do you wrestle with the date night dilemma? Because sometimes, for one reason or another, the traditional "date night" out at a restaurant, or to see a movie, is just not possible.  Maybe you don't have it in the budget, or you are choosing to save your money for something else. Perhaps your children are keeping you from being able to go out as often as you once d...

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The BEST 2 Player Games for Date Night!

Since my husband and I have young children, the majority of our date nights are spent at home. We do try to go out on a date once a month, but we still make an effort to spend time together at least once a week, interacting with one another, without distractions (such as TV or internet). While we try to spend quality time together more than once a week, we are stick...

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Christmas Date Night

Christmas is such a busy time of year, it's easy to let your marriage take a backseat to all the festivities and events that are taking place in December. Even if you don't have time (or funds) for a fancy dinner and movie, you can still take time to relax and connect with your spouse in a fun way.  Here's one Christmas date night that won't break the bank and can...

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