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Building a Marriage That Lasts

Building a Marriage That Lasts

One of the things I love most about this Club is the unlimited amount of resources we have in learning how to build a marriage to last a lifetime.  We are a group of every day women, who adore our husbands, love being married, and don’t mind sharing what we’ve learned with each other.  

Every day, as I chat with hundreds of Happy Wives on our Facebook page, I am reminded of how important it is to be surrounded by likeminded people.  I always end my day inspired to love my husband better, respect him more and make my relationship a priority above all else.  I continue to learn so much from the wonderful members of this Club.

If you’ve visited this site before, I hope you’ve stumbled upon the section on the left-hand side entitled, “Quick Tips.”  This section contains bite sized “tips” from some of our members.  And if you’re a Happy Wife and have a “Quick Tip” to share, we’d love to hear it.  Just click here.

So today, rather than writing on a new topic, I thought I’d share some of this wonderful tips with you.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

“Respect.  Friendship.  Listen to him.  Give in when it doesn’t really matter but most of all…love.  These are the things that make a good marriage.  We’ve been married for 64 years and our love just gets deeper as we spend more time together.” ~ Beverly Winthers, Married 64 Years

“Wake up in the morning, and count your blessings.  Give thanks to God for the wonderful life you share with your beautiful man.  Tell him you love in, and then get up and start your day with a smile on your face and love in your heart..It’s worked for me…we’ll be outrageously happily married for 65 years in July.” ~Bette Frankel, Married 64 Years

“Listen to your husband when he talks, really listen, consider his advice, value it as good advice rather than considering it equal to others advice. Don’t be quick to discount it. Honor him in this way – you’d be amazed what you’ll learn from him, how he will feel respected and demonstrate his appreciation to you in ways that benefit you both! He longs to be respected, admired, and honored – it has made a difference in our marriage in the past 6 years since I learned this tip (married happily for 35 years and counting)!” ~ Denise Rounds, Married 35 Years

“A good sense of humor, my husband tells everyone that I married him because he makes me laugh, and that is probably true. You cannot stay angry when you are laughing! It’s true laughter is the best medicine, and of course, never ever go to bed angry. A sign over my daughters bed says “always kiss me goodnight”…and we always say I love you!” ~ J. Smith, Married 28 Years

“Laugh!  A home with laughter is a wonderful place to be.  Do not take life too seriously it is too short to not enjoy.” ~ Sharon Paige, Married 21 Years

“Always an “I Love You” and a kiss good-by, give a touch or a hug, stay connected physically and emotionally.” ~ K. Schatz, Married 18 Years

“Make it a rule to always greet your man with a kiss or a hug. If you are just going next door, to the market, or to a week-long seminar, make sure you give him some love in this manner, too. If you forget, give him a kiss or hug as soon as you remember! This has worked for us for over 17 years.” ~ June Summers, Married 17 Years

“Always focus on the positive about your husband, especially when you’re not feeling the most positive. I keep a list (used to be a physical written list, now just mental) of his best qualities – those personality traits that will not change and endear me to him. When I ever become tempted to criticize or think negatively of my man, I pull out the list and focus on those things until my negative emotions subside.” ~ Tricia Opdahl, Married 13 Years

“Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not 50/50.  It’s 100/100.  If you all give 100% you will be successful.” ~ Danielle Keys, Married 11 Years

“Make your husband #1. It is easy to get caught up in everything else in life. Your friend’s problems, you childrens issues, the dog, the bills, the state of the economy. Just remember that your man is the one who will be there for you and is not only your husband and lover and best friend but he is the one that you can always depend on. So make him #1.” ~ Patricia Donnellan, Married 10 Years

“My grandparents just celebrated their 62 anniversary. WOW right. I asked her what her secret was. She said “God, the ability to ignore and love at the same time and always forgive.” All I can say is, it has worked for them for 62 years, 5 kids, 12 grandkids, and 31 greatgrandkids. It is worth a shot.” ~ M. Rose, Married 8 Years

QUESTION: What’s the single best piece of marriage advice you’ve ever received?  Please leave a comment below and let us know.

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

Fawn Weaver is the USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of Happy Wives Club: One Woman's Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage, adopting the same name as the Club she founded in 2010. The Happy Wives Club community has grown to include more than 1 million women in over 110 countries around the world. She’s an investor in real estate, tech sector and lifestyle brands. When she’s not writing or working, she's happily doting over her husband of twelve years, Keith (and sometimes manages to do all three simultaneously).

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