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“We come to find true happiness not by what we receive but by what we give.” –Fawn Weaver

In marriage, as well as in life, long-lasting happiness comes to those who purpose to give more than we expect to receive. I’ve never met an inherently selfish person who was happy. And by that, I don’t mean happy for a moment because of a new car, new job, new house or something of that sort, but one in which genuine happiness resides in their home and life. I believe there is a reason for that and it lies in this universal truth that we were all created to give.

It is for that reason the PURPOSE section of this site is near and dear to my heart. This is where we will showcase organizations making a difference around the globe; those you, your husband, and your family can be proud to partner with to make this world a better place.

From my family to yours…thank you!

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