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10 Great Healthy Snacks Under 200 calories

In my fitness accountability groups one thing I notice is that people do not know how to properly snack.  Either they eat horrible snacks, or they don’t snack at all during the day. It’s okay to snack, you just need to know how to do it properly.

Eating snacks daily is a good practice because it helps to keep you blood sugar regulated throughout the day.  It also helps us not to overeat at meal times, so that by the time dinner comes around we won’t feel as if we are starving. 

What usually sabotages our diets is not that we eat snacks, it’s usually that we eat the wrong snacks.  When we eat only a piece of fruit this can spike our insulin levels (which can be the culprit for us storing fat). Likewise, eating a candy bar can sabotage our diets. 

Every time you eat a snack (or any meal for that matter) make sure it has a balanced amount of carbs, protein, and fat.  You always want to include those 3 elements whenever you eat. In other words, don’t just eat a piece of fruit alone, pair it with nuts so that you have a healthy fat and  protein with the fruit.

10 Great Healthy Snack Ideas

1.  Nutty Apple Dip-  1 TBS nut butter of your choice, 1 TBS milk of your choice (cow’s, almond, etc), 1/2 scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder.  Stir until a creamy consistency. Serve with a medium apple sliced.

2.  Hummus and Veggies-  1 cup mixed veggies (carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, red bell pepper slices, snap peas, etc) and 3 TBS prepared hummus.

3.  Smoked Salmon Rods-  1 1/2 TBS low-fat cream cheese spread onto smoked salmon.  Wrap this salmon around  3 whole wheat pretzel rods.  High in protein, and a good source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

4.  Cinnamon Sweet Popcorn-  Using 1 TBS coconut oil in a hot pot pop 1/4 cup white popcorn kernels. Once popped sprinkle cinnamon and a 1 TBS coconut sugar on top. Being high in fiber this will keep you satisfied longer. Cinnamon adds a fat burning boost.  To balance this out eat a few almonds.

5.  Honey Sweet Greek Yogurt- 1 container of Fage Greek Total 2% yogurt and a drizzle of honey

6.  Cottage Cheese and Fruit-   1 cup of low-fat cottage cheese (I like small curds) and a small side of fruit.  The cottage cheese gives you a protein boost (and some fat) which keeps you satisfied longer like fiber does. And, the fruit gives you carbs. Berries are a great choice because they are slow-burning carbs.

7.  Fruit and Almonds-  14 almonds gives you about 100 calories worth of good fiber, protein, and fat.  Couple that with about 1/2 cup of strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries and you’ll have a great balanced snack.

8.  Cheese and Apples- 1 sting cheese and 1 medium apple.  You know what they say? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

9.  Baked Apple- Got a sweet tooth? This will satisfy it for under 200 calories! Bake your apple and sprinkle cinnamon on top to add nice flavor and that baked apple pie taste.  Make sure to add some chopped walnuts for the benefit of fat, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

10.  Sweet Potato- Pop a small sweet potato in the oven or microwave until tender.  Mash a little OJ into it, and sprinkle in some chopped walnuts to balance it out.  Sweet potatoes are high in beta-carotene, and provide a good source of vitamin A and C.