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13 Great Adventures for 2013

13 Great Adventures for 2013


13. Borneo (Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia)

It hosts the highest mountain in SE Asia, Mt. Kinabalu; the largest concentration of wild orangutans in the world; the greatest rainforests on the planet; some of the deepest caves; and of course the ambitious Dayaks, always looking to get a head.

12. Costa Rica

It has been called the Happiest Place on Earth and is infused with a spirit called Pura Vida. It pours with the best rafting in Central America, has the best eco-lodges, more zip-lines than anyplace else on earth, great surfing and some of the finest primary rainforest left.

11. Ireland

Yes, it has the best beer in the world, the oldest scotch distillery and the first Irish Coffee, but it also offers up some of the most dramatic scenery in Europe, great hiking and mountain biking and, in Belfast, the new stunning museum, Titanic Belfast (at the bar next door you can order a gin & Titonic).

10. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the Tibet of Africa, with an average elevation of 8,000 feet and some of the highest peaks in the continent. It also is the source of the Blue Nile, running through The Grand Canyon of Africa, and the Omo River in the south, along which some of the most intact tribal cultures in the world survive… for now. It is the only country in Africa never to be colonized, and so the cultures run deep and untainted. The Queen of Sheba ruled in the north. The Ark of the Covenant is supposedly hidden here. Good luck…

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