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Board  Games – They’re Not Boring Anymore

Board Games – They’re Not Boring Anymore

A blanket stretched across the floor welcomes you to a new dating adventure.

The fire sizzles, bringing waves of warmth into the living room. Candles provide accent lighting. The essence of vanilla lingers in the air while soft instrumental music plays in the background.

Now add Monopoly.


You venture to a local park. The sun wraps around you with its warmth and light. You notice the children playing, walk hand-in-hand, and stroll past people walking their dogs. You find a picnic table, sit down and pull out Mancala.

Is your imagination sparked?

If you found yourself bored with board games in the past, take a chance and try again.  The only limits to how much fun they can be come from you. 

Though some couples love video games, it’s time to get away from the mesmerizing screen and just enjoy each other.

You can spread out on your bed to watch a well-known movie and play a board game.

You could take one with you to the mall. Then, play while you comment on the people who meander past you. You can even take one with you as you sit and munch on your favorite fast food.

If you find yourself stuck on which ones to choose, make a date and go to the toy store. Maybe you prefer a classic like chess, or you may pick a more recent game. Stroll down the aisles to notice what catches your eye.

You may discover that each of you is interested in different types of games.  Feel free to choose two. Have a date with his game of choice, then another with yours. Or, set your own path. Decide that you must both agree. You become the sales person attempting to make your spouse interested in the game of your choice.

My husband and I used to travel with a mini scrabble game and play while we waited for our flight to arrive or depart. In my younger years, I despised Scrabble. Tim made it immensely more fun. In the early days, he even let me cheat until I improved and beat him by hundreds of points.

Play Uno or Scrabble or Checkers. Be indoors, outdoors, or grab a travel version and play at an airport or train station. You’ll compete and talk and laugh. Win, lose, or draw, as long as you enjoy each other, it will be anything but boring.   

Paula Whidden authored Couple Corners: 52 Faithful Choices for a More Joy-Filled Marriage and 25 Days 'Til Christ: An Advent Devotional for the Family. Paula speaks at churches, organizations and marriage retreats. She holds a Master of Divinity Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary, and enjoyed 15 years of ministry. After spending 35 years obsessively observing marriages, she joyfully married her best friend, Tim. Paula blogs on marriage, family, and Christ-centered living at You can also catch her on The Faithful Choices Podcast with Paula Whidden.

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