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Impromptu Date Night

Impromptu Date Night

Some of the best date nights are the ones that are unplanned, unexpected. Somehow all the pieces seem to fall into place on their own. These impromptu date nights are, in some cases, the most memorable ones. It doesn’t take much for these impromptu dates to come together – the kids miraculously went to bed early or at their actual bed time, your spouse got home early from work, or someone gave you a gift card to your favorite restaurant and your sitter happens to be available to take the kids for the evening. Whatever the case may be, these moments need to be cherished and appreciated.

This past week seemed to be filled with unexpected and impromptu date nights for my husband and I. Somehow the kids were in their own beds fast asleep before 9:30 and we had some time to spend together as a couple before going to bed. We cracked open a couple bottles of wine, found a movie to watch and just enjoyed each other’s company. With two little ones running around, planning a night out isn’t always easy for us, so taking whatever little moment like this is priceless.

Normally, I’m all about planning out our date nights because it gives me something to look forward to, even day dream about. But let’s face it, life sometimes gets in the way especially when you add kids to the mix. Getting that one-on-one time with your spouse is essential to a successful marriage. As time goes by, we change, we evolve.

When my husband and I first got married, we went out on dates all the time without even having to think about it but after our daughter was born they became more infrequent and less important. We put our time with her above our time together. In return, we grew apart and because almost like strangers to each other. It took some time, and many planned and impromptu date nights for us to reconnect.

Although we can’t always follow through on our planned nights out, we make the most of the impromptu date night moments. Any chance we get to spend even a few undisturbed moments together to focus on each other is cherish. I challenge you all to make the most of the little moments, the unexpected time together and make it an impromptu date night.

I'm a mother of two amazing kids and wife of 10 years to my best friend and soulmate. I'm a working mom trying to find balance between work and home. When I'm not busy working or home caring for my family, I'm a blogger at Blissfully Chaotic Life and a contributor at Happy Wives Club, an event planner and every once in a while hostess at the restaurant where my husband works. So to say my life is busy is a definite understatement. I live a hectic life, but I manage to find bliss in the chaos that surrounds me.

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