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Movie and a Picnic

Movie and a Picnic

My husband and I operate on a very tight budget. However, we don’t let that keep us from having date night.  Each month we plan to have two date nights. We each take a date night and we are responsible for this date. I thought of what we could do for a cheap date at home. I thought what better thing is it to cuddle up with your honey where you can be comfortable and romantic without any interruptions. 

Items you will need:

  • Jar/bucket/bowl
  • Questions to encourage conversation and getting to know each other better
  • Movie (you already own)
  • Rose petals (Dollar Tree)
  • Your own blankets/pillows
  • Candles (whatever you have around the house)
  • 2 envelopes with instructions
  • Printed out quotes for the movie
  • Tickets to the movie (I handmade them)

I Decorated my jar (you can use whatever container your want) and placed the questions in the jar. During the week leading up to the date I would text him little cute messages about our date or little clues. I wrote some questions out and tore them into strips. On the day of our date I sent him an actual invite to his email.  When he arrived home after work I was ready to go. 

We lived across the street from a park. I had packed a little bag with a candle and some apple slices. I also had my jar (That I decorated) that had strips of questions in there that we could ask each other.  We found a table and sat down. I put some music on my phone and lit the candle. We sat there just enjoying each other’s company. The questions were great and provided some laughs! 

I told him it was time to move on. 

“There is more?” he asked. Giggle. 

I gave him two envelopes.

#1 Envelope: Money for a cheap lunch. $7 to be exact, pizza and fries ( which is a meal in the movie ..sticking to my theme); His instructions included taking me home and going to get the food.  Open #2 envelope when he arrives back home

#2 Envelope: had his movie ticket in it and instructions to come in

While he was gone I made a romantic picnic scene in the living room. I made a padded area with blankets pillows. I spread the rose petals everywhere. I lit candles around the living room.  I also posted the quotes from the movie in random places and then a movie poster on the door so he would see it before he walked in. Made sure the movie was ready for just to hit play. 

It was a great night! He enjoyed my efforts and felt very special. 

It was a little prep work but worth it! He still says that was his favorite date night ever  

All together this date was under $10! 

Staying Hopeful, 

Lauren @ Aunt LaLa

Aunt LaLa

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