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Tank Top Arms

7 Step Tank Top Arms Workout

What a beautiful and long summer it has been – one of the longest tank top seasons that I can remember!

My husband loves for me to wear tank tops because he loves my shoulders.  But, when I’m not physically fit I can’t stand to wear tanks because if I’m not in shape, I cannot hide my flabby arms. 

So what’s a girl to do?

Keep them in shape all year round!

7 Step Tank Top Arms Workout

As with any workout, talk with your doctor before beginning. You don’t want to get hurt. Know your limits, and don’t go beyond them. Safety should always be first. Be smart.

Equipment Needed:

  • Sturdy chair or bench
  • 3-15 lb dumbbells or light and medium bands
  • timer

How Many to Do?

  • 3 sets of 8-15 repetitions for each exercise


Military Push-Up:  Place your hands a few inches away from the sides of your chest. Start in a plank position with your arms in a straight almost locked elbow position, and your body as straight as a board (your feet no more than 12 inches apart).  Keeping your elbows tucked in towards your body, lower down as far as you can go before pushing your weight back up. You can do this on your knees until you are strong enough to be on your feet.

Chair Dips: Place the heels of your hands at the edge of a sturdy chair or bench. You should also push that chair/bench against a wall so that it doesn’t slide when you workout. Sliding your butt off of the seat, your weight will be placed on your hands. Keeping your feet at a 90 degree angle on the floor, your body should still look as if you are sitting in the chair, with your body as close to the chair as possible.

Bend your elbows back, and slowly lower your butt towards the floor. Your elbows must remain tucked in.  Your back/body should just clear the edge of the seat. Use your arms only to push back up to the starting position, almost locking your arms. That cycle is one repetition.

Side-Arm Raises: Hold a light dumbbell (3-5lbs) in each hand resting them against your sides with your arms straight and elbows locked. Keeping your tummy tight and engaged, slowly raise both of your arms out to your side stopping when you reach the top of your shoulders, then slowly lower again. That’s one rep, then repeat. 

Front-Arm Raises:  These are the same as the side-arm raises, except you will raise your arms in front of you. Your palms should be facing the ground. Raise your arms slowly up to shoulder height, then slowly lower them down again for one repetition.

Bicep Curls:  Hold a heavier dumbbell (5-15lbs) in each hand with your palms facing up towards the sky and both arms down by your sides.  Keeping your abs tight bend your arms at the elbows until your arm makes a 90 degree angle, then lower again.  Repeat 8-12 times.

Triceps Press: Use light (3-8lb) dumbbells, one in each hand.  Place your right foot in front of your left in a runners stance, with your upper body slightly leaning forward bent at the waist (as if you are going to take off running in a race).  With your tummy tight, start with your arms in 90 degree angle and your hands in a vertical position. Straighten your arms by pushing them backwards as if you are trying to touch someone in back of you with the weights. Then bring them back to the bent starting position, and repeat.

Punches:  Hold your 3lb weights, one in each hand in a vertical position, having your arms bent at 90 degrees close to your sides.  Press your arms forward as if you are punching someone, but DO NOT lock your elbows.  Gently punch and pull them back in to your sides. Alternate punches. Keep your abs tight the entire time.  Punch for 30 seconds, and do 3 sets, resting 30 seconds to 1 minute between sets.

Comment: How do you get summer ready?

Fall 10-minute workout

Fall 10-Minute Express Workout

This summer I was asked to write a 10-minute express workout for all the busy wives here at HWC. 

I decided to go ahead and do it again.  I’m sure life hasn’t slowed down for most of you, and if you are like me, it’s probably even more hectic. 

Don’t let the lack of time or money stop you from moving your body and getting healthy.

It’s time to stop the excuses and start working out.

In this 10-minute express workout I have included all of your major muscle groups. It even has a little cardio so that you have a complete workout.

This is not designed to be done daily, save it for the days that you are in a pinch. 

Feel free to do this one day, and another day you can workout using the express workout that I shared this summer here.

If you have bands and a stability ball another great short workout can be found here.

One last note before giving you the workout plan, this is an intermediate workout, so if you need to modify it, please do. Don’t be a hero.  Always check with your physician before starting any new routines. If you have pain or feel weird stop immediately.

Fall 10-Minute Express Workout

Equipment: None required, but if you have a workout mat your knees and hands may thank you. :)

1 minute Cross Feet Jumping Jacks

15 seconds rest

1 minute push ups

15 seconds rest

30 seconds right leg lunges

30 seconds left leg lunges

15 seconds rest

1 minute burpees

15 seconds rest

(smile you are halfway through)

1 minute wide arm push-ups

15 seconds rest

1 minute of alternating single leg wall sits (switch legs every 10 seconds)

15 seconds rest

1 minute cross hops (jump forward, backward, then side to side and repeat. Don’t jump high stay low to the ground. Speed is the goal not height.)

30 seconds side plank left side

30 second side plank right side


After you workout be kind to your body and stretch it out gently.

For demonstrations of these exercises you can go to Youtube.com OR check my blog FitMomsFitKidsClub.com in the next week or so, I will have a video demonstrating the exercises.

Question:  Do you like these short workout routines? Let me know, I’d love to make more for you.