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How to Get Motivated to Workout

On any given day a married woman can have 1001 things on her plate.  When you have a job to do, kids to attend to, home to clean, and a husband to enjoy, life can be quite busy.

I often describe my life as a circus where I am the juggler that has to keep all of the people and activities in my life up in the air long enough so that they (and I) don’t crash.

Since life is so full of important things that matter, exercising can often get left off of our to-do list.

Not only is it tough to schedule our workouts, but after doing a hundred other things, being tired and overwhelmed with life, it’s sometimes difficult to get motivated to workout.

If you need help getting motivated to workout keep reading I have some of my best tips for you!

How to Get Motivated to Workout

1.  Make it FUN!  When helping my clients choose their workouts I always try to find out what they naturally enjoy.  Whenever you pick a fitness program pick something you absolutely LOVE!!

There’s no need to go swimming if you hate it. If you love to dance – take Zumba. Love to ride bikes? Take a spin class or ride through your town.  Don’t like to jump around, but love a calm peaceful atmosphere? Try a yoga class. I guarantee you there is a workout for everyone! If you need help finding something right for you, just ask me. :)

2. Compete.  Some people, like my dear husband, love to compete. It’s often difficult for him to find the motivation to workout without dangling a carrot in front of him. The carrot that tends to work the best is a competition.  My man is so competitive that he decided to do an Ironman when he turned 40.

Giving yourself something to work for, a deadline, a goal like competing in an event (especially one that you must pay in advance to enter), or competing in one you could win is a great motivator. In order to do well you must train often and hard to succeed.

3.  Treat Yourself.  Gamification is the use of game thinking in a non-game context. Making up mini-games along the way can help you reach your goals. For instance, you can make a game to see how many workouts you can get in a week. Give yourself 1 point for each workout you complete. When you get 20 points you can give yourself a non-food treat. Think – new workout clothes, new shoes, a trip to the spa, whatever you decide.

4.  Partner Up.  Sometimes you need a little extra help and accountability to get you going. Your husband can help you reach your fitness goals. Ask him to be your workout partner.  Getting in shape together can be one of the greatest things you can do to prolong your relationship (literally).

5.  Stickk it!  When all else fails this next tip may be your last resort.  There is a site called Stickk.com where you can put your $$$ where your mouth is. You set your goal, set the stakes, get a referee, and add friends for support. When you set the stakes you can pick an anti-charity, friend or charity to support if you fail at reaching your goal, your money goes to them.

For example, if you don’t reach the goal of let’s say working out 5 days a week for a month then your money you put up in advance would go to that anti-charity. What’s an anti-charity? It’s a charity or cause that you HATE! For instance, if you are against guns then the anti-charity would be a charity that supports guns. If you didn’t want your money to go to that charity, then you had better reach your workout goal.

How do you motivate yourself to workout?


10-Minute Express Workout

Time and money are the two most common excuses given when someone is asked why they don’t workout. Last week I shared tips on how to get fit without a gym membership.  This week I’m getting rid of your second excuse, not having enough time.

When I tell people that they can complete a good effective workout in just 10 minutes they look at me like I’m crazy.  The truth is, you can! There is no need to spend an hour walking on a treadmill daily.  Small bursts of exercise can help increase your metabolism and your heart health.

Don’t let the lack of time stop you from exercising. My husband Byron always says, “Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are.”  If you only have 10 minutes and nothing except your body, you can still workout.

In this workout plan I have included all of your major muscle groups.  A little cardio and strength training make this express workout complete so you can feel great on your busy day. This workout is not designed for you to do on a daily basis.  It is for those special days when you don’t have time to do anything else.

As with any new exercise routine always check with your physician to get their approval before beginning.  If you feel pain or extremely uncomfortable at any time please stop immediately.

Annett’s 10-Minute Express Workout

1 minute Jumping jacks

15 seconds rest

1 minute Mountain Climbers

15 seconds rest

1 minute Wall Sit

15 seconds rest

1 minute Burpees

30 seconds rest

(Smile you are half way through!)

1 minute Walking Lunges

15 seconds rest

1 minute Push-Ups

15 seconds rest

1 minute Burpees

15 seconds rest

1 minute Plank

For demonstrations of these exercises you can look for examples at my favorite place for learning things quickly Youtube.com.  If you have any specific questions please message me via Facebook or ask below.  

Do you have a favorite quick workout routine?  

Have a fit day,


Healthy Spring

4 Tips For A Healthy Spring

What happened to your New Year’s Resolution? Has it faded away like the snow soon will?  Last week the time changed.  The sun shines longer into evening.  Spring is already upon us!

Keep your head up.  Every day is a new opportunity to change your life.  Spring reminds me of things made anew.  From new baby animals, to a colorful array of blooms, to new commitments, spring brings new life. 

There couldn’t be a more perfect time to recommit to a healthier you!  Here are 4 ways to get you started.

Spring Cleaning

The holidays have come and gone and sometimes that leaves our bodies with extra pounds and extra junk in our trunks (if you know what I mean).  A good spring cleanse can help you shed a few unwanted pounds, and help you get rid of some nasty toxins, and habits too.  To help you follow through with any workout or cleanse, accountability is always great to help you cross the finish line.  I know I would not finish half the things I wanted to do without it.  Personally I’ll be doing a 21 day cleanse in my exclusive accountability group starting April 17th.  You are welcome to join me. Whatever you do, make sure it’s healthy and not extreme.  A good spring cleanse, or detox, can give you a good healthy boost.

Lighten Up

Winter cold is leaving us with beautiful warm weather outside.  This means it’s time to get rid of the heavy winter clothes, and lighten up for spring.  I think spring is the perfect time of year to get new workout gear.  Just like the tires on a car, your workout shoes are only good for so many miles.  Invest in a good pair of running shoes or cross trainers, as well as great light and supportive sports bras to start the season off on the right foot.

Farm Fresh to You

You’ve heard that “April showers bring May flowers.”  In our house they bring a lot more than that!  Every spring, usually before Good Friday, we plant a small raised vegetable garden. Instead of relying on the grocery store, why don’t you try out a small garden this year? Even someone in an apartment can grow fresh herbs and a tomato plant. You’ll have the satisfaction of eating your home grown, pesticide free, organic veggies and herbs from your own little personal micro farm.

Move That Body

Spring is the perfect time to press the reset button when it comes to working out.  Running clubs, softball leagues, masters swimming, and free fit clubs all are waiting on YOU to join in.  Check with your local parks and recreation department for workout groups and clubs. If you aren’t lucky enough to have that department just ask a group of friends to start your own fitness club.  I dare you to try something new. Maybe try out an adult ballet class, spin, yoga, or boot camp classes.  To enjoy the outdoors a dodgeball league, walking group or golf lessons could help you spring into shape. 

What are you going to do this year to spring into shape?  

Have a Healthy Day!

Annett @FitWithAnnett