6 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband–Right Now!

By Sheila Wray Gregoire on Friday, June 6, 2014

 6 Ways to Flirt With Your Husband Right Now!

Our resident sex expert, Sheila Wray Gregoire, is back to help us all get a little flirty!  You’ve got three days before the week officially comes to an end.  Make it count.

Until Monday…make it a great weekend!

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Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should stop flirting–with your husband, of course.

So, ladies, get your flirt on!

1. Leave a love note on the mirror

Using a dry erase marker (or even lipstick!), leave a love note on your honey’s bathroom mirror. Say, “I love you”, or “Thank you for last night”, or “Can’t wait until you get home…”

2. Kiss in the car at stoplights

That never gets old. And don’t forget at least one 15 second kiss a day!

3. Have a secret code phrase

Want to tell him you think he’s hot?  Try a secret code phrase, like “Are we due for an oil change?” No one else will know what you really mean but him, so you can say it in front of the kids, in front of your parents, in front of anybody!

4. Flash him–but not in public!

Is he watching TV? Reading his email? Walk by him and flash him–and then leave the room. See if he follows!

This one takes a little more daring, but it’s fun. Need to do some cleaning? Try it bralessly. Scrub and bounce for him! Or bend over to dust right in front of him.

5. Play Footsie

When you’re at a restaurant with tablecloths, slip your shoe off and let your toes explore his legs. Get him all worked up while you carry on a normal conversation.

6. Text, text, text your husband

Finally, here’s one you can do right now–even if he’s not home! Text him about anything–song lyrics, memories of fun times you’ve had, what you’re wearing, what you’re thinking about. You don’t have to make it too graphic in case you’re worried about someone else seeing, but you can use your secret code phrase. Or just say something like, “Thanks for making me sleep like a baby! I may need some help drifting off tonight, too.”

Men love to feel that we’re thinking of them and that we want them. It’s often easier for wives to say, “I love you” than it is for them to say, “I want you.” But guys want to hear both!

So try some of these, and you won’t just be a happy wife. You’ll be the happy wife of a happy hubby!

Want more ideas of how to flirt? Read Sheila’s complete list, 16 Ways to Flirt with your Husband. And don’t forget the best Father’s Day gift you can give your husband–31 Days to Great Sex. It’s only $5!


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  • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

    Love this, Sheila! So happy we have such a fabulous sex expert contributing at HWC!

  • http://www.modernmarried.com/ Maggie Reyes

    I love these tips! We do several of them but these are a totally sexy twist on them…great post!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Isn’t Sheila great?! Love her tips.

  • Raquel Riley Thomas

    Posted to my Facebook page. These are great.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Awesome! Thanks, Raquel.

  • http://www.tothemotherhood.com/ HilLesha

    All are wonderful tips!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Thanks, HilLesha!

  • Happy Home Fairy

    These are so great! I like the flash him one. :-) I also love the texting one… Here is a fun post featuring silly flirt texts that you can send to your man. http://happyhomefairy.com/2013/02/10/how-to-flirt-text-your-happy-hubby/

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Fun! Thanks for sharing your flirty texts posts. I’ll have to go check it out.

  • 4andcounting

    Do all these regularly – so much fun…except the texting since I don’t have a phone :) . Never forget the first time I did #4 – scrubbing the kitchen floor LOL!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club


  • Jennie May

    I’ve done all of these too! Love it! We also do SnapChat and it keeps us laughing at each other all day! ;) http://www.empowernetwork.com/jenmay02/blog/happy-life/?id=jenmay02

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Nice! What is SnapChat? Something us happy wives should know about??

      • Jennie May

        It’s an app for ipad or iphone. You take a picture or a short video of yourself and before you send it you can set a timer of how long they can view it. Once they’ve viewed it then it disappears, they no longer have access to it! You can type a message or draw on the picture too! ;) We have a blast! When he sends them to me at work I can tell he’s holding his phone under his desk so no one will see what he’s doing…it’s hilarious!

        • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

          Oh, I just heard about this and I’m trying to remember where. I love the idea that it disappears and will not be floating around the web 10 years fro now. Thanks for the great tip, Jennie!

          • Jennie May

            Absolutely! ;) Happy SnapChatting!!

    • Melanie Gordon
      • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club


  • Sharifah Baheyah Alsagoff

    great post!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      So glad you liked it!

  • JS

    Thought about snapchat but umm that link was just nasty. Not a prude, I just like sexy/silly verses cheesy/nasty/everybody’s doing it. :)

  • JS

    Not that you have to snapchat that way though! It just grossed me out

  • http://www.stpetersburgcounseling.org/ Tommy Voyd

    Wives should do this to keep their husband from looking to another girl. Great post!

  • Anna

    Didn’t understand “flash him “?, can you be more specific, please