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Amanda Rettke began her food blogging career in October 2010 with the introduction of her first surprise-inside cake, and since then she's been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Woman's World, Midwest Living, Brides, and Romantic Homes. A regular contributor to Food Network and HuffPost Food online, she has also been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and Her first book, Surprise-Inside Cakes has received rave reviews. She lives with her fabulous husband and five children near Minneapolis, Minnesota. You can learn more at

5 Things Baking Cakes Taught Me About Marriage

5 Things Baking Cakes Taught Me About Marriage

Prior to traveling to Minneapolis yesterday for press and to host a Meetup/book signing, I reached out to some of the bloggers in the Minneapolis area.

Immediately, I received an email from a food blogger, Amanda Rettke, and her spirit was just infectious.  I later learned she’d recently released a book on cakes and when I saw the beautiful colors on the cover, I knew I wanted it.  

Now, if you know me, you know I do very little baking (or cooking for that matter) but her book cover made me want to whip out my baking pans and get to work.

In thinking about all the layers and the delicious icing on a cake, for some reason, my mind went immediately to marriage.

An odd combination, I know.  But if I’ve learned anything in my 10 years of marriage, and 37 years of life, it’s that there is a lesson to be learned in everything…even baking cakes.

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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(P.S. Minneapolis Residents: Watch me tomorrow (4/10) on Twin Cities Live at 3pm and then meet me -and Amanda Rettke- at 7pm. More Info Here.)


This could easily read, “5 Things Writing a Book Taught Me About Marriage.”  But an opportunity to write about a loving marriage and freshly baked cakes…what combination could be sweeter?

When I wrote my recently released book, Surprise-Inside Cakes, I had no idea I’d really be the one in for a surprise.  Writing my book made my marriage stronger.  If you don’t mind, I would love to share what I have learned with you.

5 Things Writing a Book Has Taught Me About Marriage:

1. We Are a Team:  It wasn’t always this way.  As a matter of fact, it used to be ‘my way or the highway’.  That (most obviously) got us into a really bad place and we eventually sought out help and support.  

One wise friend asked, “Are you two on the same page?  Such a simple question that offered up some significant insight.  The answer was no.  But we wanted to be, and therefore we made the effort to be.

When the opportunity to write this book was presented it all happened very, very quickly.  Even though my book is about cakes, making cakes, decorating cakes, decorating the inside of cakes, sharing my love and passion for all things surprise-inside cakes… everything that my husband does NOT do, I could not have done it without him.  As a team we tackled the long nights of me working in the kitchen while he did bedtime routines.  As a team we figured out the financial sacrifices that had to be made.  And as a team we celebrated the first milestone.  (With cake of course.)

2. Leaning on Him Makes Me Stronger: This was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn, and honestly is one that I continue to struggle with. Crying into my husbands shoulder offered me no comfort, I was convinced he would see me as weak and pathetic.  But it is in his nature to want to protect me and shelter me.  He couldn’t always solve my problems, but he most certainly wanted to be given the opportunity to try.

3. Having a Mutual Value System is Key: At the end of the day, after all the trials and tribulations, we needed common ground.  For us it was our faith.  We both feel so strongly in who we want to be in this world, but yet have very, VERY different approaches in how to achieve that.  I am more in-your-face, while he is a quiet (but oh so effective) leader.  Having a mutual ground, or place where our visions intertwined reminded me of my purpose when I would veer off course.

4. Listening to Him is Beneficial:  When I was making the 20th cake in 5 days and it was 11pm, and I had been on my feet for 14 hours straight, and things were not turning out, I would often turn to my husband.  I would ask him “Why isn’t this cake working?” and of course he wouldn’t know.  But what he did know is that I needed someone to hear me.  That I needed someone to ask me questions.  That I needed his perspective on the whole.  Thinking through him helped me regain my vision.

5. Our Time Together is Precious:  Hearing a word like DEADLINE on a regular basis can often mean that time is focused on the task at hand.  Which also meant that time with my husband was put last on the list of priorities. The book needed to be written.  The pictures needed to be taken. The kids needed support or meals or to be driven places.  There was always a need, but simply being there for my husband wasn’t one of them.

But I was wrong, there IS ALWAYS a need to remain present in our love.

You have to MAKE time together and be intentional with your relationship. Even in the middle of deadlines and school functions.  Share a kiss and a grateful hug.  Make sure your spouse knows they are appreciated!  Even better, plan a date.  You would be surprised how refreshing a romantic date is in the midst of a trial!

I was reminded of a quote I heard in church.

“You will never drift together, you will only drift apart.”

Having the opportunity to share my passions with the world is truly a dream come true.  I wanted to spend time on it.  I treated it like a treasure! I am so grateful for my understanding and supportive husband throughout the entire process.

Looking back I now can see that every trial that arose in the process has brought my husband and I closer together.  And for that, I am so thankful!

I am so excited to share this book with the world, and so thankful that I get to do it with my husband by my side.

Please do head on over to amazon and check out the book, it’s available for Kindle (for 60% off!) and in hardcover!


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