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Darcy is a happily married mom of two young children. She discovered the love of her life online in 2001, though she didn't know it at first. She considers herself fortunate to have a loving supportive husband though occasionally suffers from wife guilt.

Date Night for Parents: The Faux Date

Date Night for Parents: The Faux Date

Children are wonderful but they can certainly increase stress on your marriage, if allowed.  As women, we often neglect taking time for ourselves which seems to increase after having kids.  And what about our marriage?

Who has time for a date night when there are small children running around?

I know it’s harder to break away when they are young, but it can be done at least once in awhile.  My first child didn’t like taking a bottle which made it difficult to get out alone for more than an hour or two.  Now we have two kids under three years old, so we like to make the most of our infrequent date nights.  

Get ready because I am about to share my favorite date night idea with you.

The Faux Date Night

Step 1: Secure a baby-sitter (preferably at someone else’s house).

Step 2: Drop your kids off.

Step 3: Grab a quick dinner.

Step 4: Go home and get busy!

The first time we went on a faux date it was unplanned.  We dropped our daughter off at Gramma’s house with plans for dinner and a movie.  However, we didn’t care for the selection and didn’t want to spend $8+ per ticket for something we weren’t excited to watch.  We ended up renting a movie and headed home.

Home? Yes, a nice quiet, empty home.  

So, we took advantage of that by spending the rest of our date in the bedroom. I’m not going to lie, having kids (babies especially) can make it tricky to have uninterrupted sex.  This is why the faux date is one of my favorite date night ideas!

You may be wondering why anyone would lie about there plans.  Well, when you ask grandparents to baby-sit at their house, they are naturally curious about your plans.  If you are comfortable telling them straight out, that’s great!  You can also tell them you’re going on a date night without telling them the exact place.  Personally, I tell them we’re going to the movies.

I like to say we’re going to see a movie we’ve already seen before or heard enough about that we can share a brief synopsis if asked.  Oh, and definitely go to the movies sometimes too.  Just make sure your husband knows ahead of time if it’s a real movie date or a faux movie date!

QUESTION: Have you ever fibbed about your evening plans to your sitter?