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Pucker Up! {How 15 Seconds a Day Can Change Your Marriage}

Pucker Up! {How 15 Seconds a Day Can Change Your Marriage}

A kiss a day keeps the doctor away!

Kissing lowers your cholesterol, boosts your immunity, and fights depression. It even delays wrinkles!

So why is it that so many married couples stop kissing?

I think it’s because in many cases women think, “I don’t want to put a down payment on something I may not want to buy later.”

We’re afraid to kiss with abandon because he may think it’s going somewhere, and we’re not really sure we want it to. What if bedtime comes around and I’m tired? Or what if I just don’t feel like sex? It’s safer not to get his engines revving in the first place.

Kissing then becomes something that you avoid unless you’re about to have sex. But that’s too bad, because kissing actually makes us women feel closer to our men! It’s fun. It’s intimate. And it grosses out the kids (in a good way!).

When you were dating you probably kissed constantly. It was intoxicating, and exhilirating, and it can be like that again. When you kiss with passion, you get your own libido going. Besides, it’s hard to be irritated or angry at someone if you’re kissing them often. It helps good feelings bubble to the surface, and covers over a multitude of aggravations.

On the other hand, if you avoid kissing, then you deprive yourself of one of your primary ways to get your libido up–and almost guarantee you WON’T want to make love later. And you deprive yourself of one of the primary ways we women have of feeling closer to our men.

If you’re afraid your husband will never understand the allure of simple kissing, tell him,

“Honey, I love kissing you! I feel as if we used to kiss all the time, and now we’re in a rut. I want that to stop. I know that if we kissed more, I’d feel more frisky, too. But do me a favor? When we kiss, let it stay a kiss. Don’t make it move on to other things. That way we let the kiss build up, and whet our appetites. And it’s the expectation that can be fun!”

Let’s bring the art of kissing back to our marriages–and help us to feel all weak-kneed again, just like we used to.

And it’s easy: just one 15-second kiss a day can change your marriage. Set the kitchen timer and try it–see how long 15 seconds is (and how much fun it is!) And then just do it! Pucker up.

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