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3 Tips for Playing on His Turf During Super Bowl Sunday

3 Tips for Playing On His Turf During Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s that time again. Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and husbands everywhere are preparing for the big day!

I am very proud to say that this Happy Wife is preparing for the big game as well. No, I’m not planning the menu nor shopping list for a big Super Bowl party.

I have taken an online crash course in football and am planning to seduce my husband with my newly acquired football prowess. ;)

My husband will be one of the 100 million plus viewers tuned in to watch the grid iron gladiators go at it. This year as he sits down to enjoy the game, he will be in for a huge surprise!

Instead of focusing on the commercials, food or falling asleep as I usually do while watching football, this year he’s going to be knocked off his recliner when he discovers my attempt to learn more about something he enjoys. The course for women from Sports Basix was far worth the investment as I’m sure it will pay off great dividends in our relationship.

3 Tips on Learning More About His Interests

Broaden Your Horizons, Deepen Your Appreciation

Must I share all of my husbands interests? Absolutely not. Does it help to learn more about my husband’s interests. Absolutely! It gives me a deeper appreciation of who he is and gives us new things to talk about and explore together. When I discover why my husband enjoys an activity, I discover new things about my husband.

Show Your Spouse You Can Take One for the Team

My husband is not interested in fashion at all, but he researched fashion guru, Tim Gunn and even went so far as to try and setup a lunch with him for me. I was floored that he would take the time to learn more about someone just because I enjoyed them.

I was not a hiker before we married. Handsome hubby let me know that hiking was one of his loves. I strapped on my hiking boots on our honeymoon and now look forward to family hikes.  Take the time to show your man you want to enjoy his favorite things with him too.

Give Him Space and Show Respect

If you just can’t get into what he’s into – that’s okay.  Even though my handsome hubby went through great lengths to try to contact Tim Gunn, he has not watched more than one episode of Project Runway with me. You know what, that’s okay too.

He does respect my weekly Project Runway time and he gives me the space to enjoy it. Every once in a while he asks, how was your show?

I may not be by his side for every game but at least I was willing to become a student of the game in order to be a better student of my husband. I may not become an avid fan of the NFL or college football or any sport for that matter, but my handsome hubby knows that I am his number one fan and I am willing to play on his turf.

Question:  What have you learned to do to play on your hubby’s turf?