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Is an Alkaline Diet For Me?

Is an Alkaline Diet For Me?

Why do I want to be Alkaline?

When measuring something for its acidity or alkalinity you check its pH level.  Different parts of your body function at different pH levels.  Generally speaking you want your body to be at a neutral, or alkaline state.  It is thought that you can alter your body’s blood pH level by the foods you eat.

Your body is balanced when its pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45.  When it’s not between this narrow window your body is more stressed, and it must work hard to bring it back into balance.  The more acidic our bodies are the harder it must work, and the more your body is at risk.  Your body is weakened and more susceptible to disease when your body is highly acidic. 

How to Get Balanced?

Eating a diet high in fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts is the best way to help restore balance to your body.  A typical Western diet, is chock full of bad protein, dairy, and highly processed foods that make our bodies more acidic.  Our disease rates are extremely high because we tend to eat tons of processed and refined foods.  When we do this our bodies become weak and become breeding grounds for disease. 

There are certain foods that are considered acid forming foods that are okay to consume if you stick to the healthier options. Foods such as legumes, beans and whole grains would fall into this category.  If you eliminated most processed (packaged) foods you will be heading in the right direction. Also, because organic foods lack the chemicals from pesticides that are acid forming, it’s best to stick with organic foods as much as possible. 

Reports are inconclusive on whether or not an alkaline diet really works.  A report in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health in 2012 had mixed conclusions. Most agree that eating a diet full of veggies, fruit, and plants, cutting out processed junk and sugar should help you live a longer and healthier life. 

What’s A Girl To Eat?

Here’s where it can be confusing.  As you know lemons and apple cider vinegar are acidic, but your body metabolizes it as alkaline which means it helps to balance the body.  Other things like cranberries, which I love in my salad, and garbonzo beans are listed as acid forming.  But, it doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat acidic foods. Some people say eat a 80/20 alkaline to acid ratio, and others say eat a 60/40 ratio. 

There are many pros to eating an alkaline diet.  You can’t go wrong adding more alkaline foods such as kale, coconut oil, almonds, broccoli, asparagus, beets, avocado, blueberries, grapefruit, lentils, pumpkin seeds, and green tea to your diet.  There are many more alkaline forming foods you can add to your diet. Check out my food chart over at to see other foods that can help you become less acidic and more alkaline. 

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