Top 35 Cheap & Creative ‘Just Because’ Gift Ideas For Him

By Fawn Weaver on Thursday, February 26, 2015

Top 35 Cheap & Creative Gift Ideas for Him

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What better day to give your husband an I love you gift than today?  Don’t wait for his birthday or anniversary; he’ll be expecting something then.  

Surprise him with a ‘just because’ gift today and absolutely blow his mind! 

Last week, I asked our community for their most creative and inexpensive ‘just because’ gift ideas and so many responded.

I then scoured the web for DIY examples (I wasn’t bit by the creativity bug so I need step-by-step instructions) and included several of those links below.

So here you go!  Our top 35 cheap & creative ‘just because’ gift ideas for him:

  1. Love Coupons: Love coupons/ vouchers/certificate was the ‘just because’ gift suggested by the most people, including Maria Jade Wong, who recommended vouchers for massages, cooking his favorite meal, etc.

  2. Once in a Blue Moon. “Pick up a six pack of Blue Moon beer and put a cute tag on it…I love you to the moon and back. Or…a love like ours comes along once in a blue moon.” – Stephanie Warner Beal

  3. Bacon Bouquet: Say what?!  This idea, submitted by Tanya Pratt, sounds like it was ripped from the script of Duck Dynasty.  But I must admit I know a lot of men who would give up any amount of flowers for another slice of bacon.

  4. Break Upon Emergency.  “On eBay, you can get key chains that have a hollow pod on the bottom that you can unscrew; they’re designed to hold emergency cash.  I bought one for my husband and wrote a love note on a strip of paper, rolled it up and stored it inside.” – Danielle Lake Langley

  5. Work Survival Kit. “I once packed a ‘survival’ kit for work: his favorite coffee, homemade cookies and a pocket joke book.  Then for lunch I ordered pizza for him and his crew.  And when he got home I had a picnic set up in the living room…he loved it (and so did I).” – Carmen Bisschoff

  6. Turn Old Into New:  Love this fabulous idea of turning an old book into a fantastic ‘just because’ gift (make sure to look at the last pic on the page to see how amazing the finished product looks).

  7. List of Love. “Create a list of 100 things you love about your husband, print it out and frame it. The list can be loving, flirty, and show your admiration for him. Read it out loud to him to make it extra special.” – Mallory Ellis

  8. Give Him a Piece of Scotland & Make Him a Lord…literally:  When Andrea Cummings Geb Pälmer recommended this I had to reply to ask her if this is even possible.  Apparently, it is!  This is, by far, the most expensive gift idea on this list but how could I not include it?!  You can buy your hubby the title of Lord for £27 by buying 1 sq ft of land in Scotland.  No, really.

  9. Make a Shadow Box.  “I made a shadow box for my hubby (get the shadow box from any arts & crafts store).  Blew up one of his favorite pictures at Walgreens and used it for the background.  I also used seashells from our trip to Galveston.” – Kathy Cervantes

  10. Exploding Love Box: By far, one of the most creative and fun ideas we’ve seen out there.  And it’s free.

  11. For the Meat Lover. “My husband loves meat.  For a special date I used a heart-shaped cookie cutter on deli cheeses and salami.  Corny as it sounds he loved my deli tray.  We ate it with crackers and wine on a late night picnic in the backyard.” – Jessica Schuett

  12. Giant Candy Love Letter: “When we were dating I made a giant love letter.  I wrote the letter on a poster board and substituted different words with candy bars.  For example: ‘Sometimes you make me snicker‘ (insert candy bar for snicker).  He loved reading and eating it!” – Laura Britt Cherrito

  13. Candlelight is Always Right. “I made a surprise candlelight dinner for my husband a couple of weeks ago. I had everything set up & ready right after giving the kids dinner & putting them to bed early. I even made a music playlist with songs that he & I had dedicated to each other. It was nice. He loved it!” – Carol Bova

  14. Best Husband Certificate: “Make him a “best husband” certificate.  When he asks you why, just say ‘because you are‘.  Frame it and hang it in your bedroom.” – Anele Ngwekazi

  15. The Sneaky Bird Gets the Worm. “My ‘just because’ gift is always sneaking into his car before he wakes up and leaving a bar of his favorite chocolate with a love letter on his dashboard to remind him how much I love him.  It always puts a smile on his face driving to work and a great way to start his day.” – Justina Green

  16. Message in a Balloon: Forget sending a message in a bottle.  This is SO much cooler than that!

  17. Card for No Reason. “When I come across beautiful cards I pick them up and send him one when he least expects it. Put a post it note in his shirt pocket that says I’m proud of you.” – Renee Selman

  18. Passport to Love:  What a clever gift!  Use this DIY crafts project to take your husband around the world for free.

  19. Deal Worth Waiting For. “I put aside some great family pictures and photos of the kids along with a letter from me and thoughts from the kids.  Then I waited (not long) for a photo book special and voila a touching memory book for him!  There are always free or cheap photo book offers and you can have text and photos.” – Ginnie Macdonald Chapman

  20. Hot Tamale! “My hubby LOVES Hot Tamales.  If yours does too, here’s an idea.  Buy a bag or box of Hot Tamales or his favorite cinnamon candy and print out a cute note that says, “These are the perfect candy for you…Because you’re both so sweet and HOT!!” – Becky Hall Bittle

  21. 52 Things I Love About You: “For Valentine’s Day two years back I took index cards and wrote 52 things/ reason why I love my husband and then I glued them to a deck of cards.” – Chelsey Peters

  22. A Special Homemade Lunch. “I make my husband’s lunch every day. Today, I put a note in a zip lock baggie that said: ‘You bring color into my life.’  I added a handful of skittles in the bag with the note.” – Michelle Anderson-Galvan

  23. Floating Memories: “Balloon bouquet with balloons with hearts and that say I love you. My husband loves those!” – Jamie Pruitt

  24. One of a Kind Gift. “Write him a poem. It comes from the heart & will be one of a kind!!!” – Lindsey Brown-Jaquez

  25. Treasure Chest of Love. “Candy works well-especially with a cute note attached. For instance: A bag or container (I used a small wooden treasure chest from the hobby shop) of Hershey’s Treasures. They look like miniature gold bricks. I put a note saying: Thanks for being such a treasure!”  - Stephanie Scevers

  26. ‘Why I Love You’ Jar: “I bought a cute jar with a lid, decorated it and cut out strips of colored paper and wrote on each piece all the things I love about him. It was so heartfelt and he loved it! Took more time than money.” – Susanne Estep  (You can also do it with stickers on candy)

  27. I Love This Bar. “I like to learn a favorite song of his and surprise him by singing it at karaoke for him and to him in front of a bunch of people at a local bar…who cares if you can’t sing great? He will beam with smiles!” – Angela Lopez

  28. Year of Dates in a Basket: This nifty idea wasn’t one that was submitted but when I stumbled across it online I knew it had to be included!  Create 12 dates, arrange them in advance, label the envelopes, and let your hubby open one each month.

  29. Why Buy What You Can Make? “For our first wedding anniversary I bought a book from Kikki.K Stationary titled Love and inside it has things you can fill in like first meeting, first kiss, why I love you etc.   It was a great gift and hubby loved it. I think it cost around $30 but you could make your own [for free].” – Bernadette Hay

  30. Create Your Own Storybook: You can always count on The Dating Divas for fabulous gift ideas for your hubby!  Most of my favorite ideas come from this group of creative ladies.

  31. Joe Stash. “We made my husband a “Stash” jar. We filled it with his favorite candy or nuts. All you need is a mason jar, some letter stickers, candy/nuts, some ribbon and a mustache sticker. On the jar it said “Joe’s Stash” with the mustache on it! Here’s the link to how we did it.” -Pricilla Jo Ramirez it

  32. Show Him a Little Eye Candy: “You can have a local photographer take a Boudoir photo shoot of you, as tame or artsy as you want, then develop the shots and put them in a little black photo book just for him.  It’s inexpensive, fun, different, will make you feel so beautiful and it will make his jaw drop!!” – Keirstin Faircloth

  33. Create a Picnic Indoors. “When I want to do something for my husband (just because) I’ll make a romantic indoor picnic.  We’ll sit on a blanket in the middle of our floor and I’ll put out the food, light candles, and turn on some music nice and low.  It can be VERY romantic and it costs nothing, really.” – Amanda Sheppard

  34. Seven Days of Love: I’ve featured this unique gift idea on this site previously but it’s so fantastic I had to include it in this list!

  35. Works Every Time.  And if you don’t have time to do any of the other things on this list: “Wrap yourself in a bow…it works every time!” -Dawn Aquino-Dossantos

QUESTION: What ‘just because’ gift have you given your husband that knocked his socks off?  

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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  • Megan@DoNotDisturb

    What a great list. Thanks for sharing!


    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      There are so many I am looking forward to trying myself! My hubby definitely benefits from me learning so much :) .

  • Lauren Lawson

    So many wonderful ideas!

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      I’m surprised you didn’t add one :) . You’re so creative!

      • Lauren Lawson

        :) Thank you! I just was too busy reading everyone’s ideas and taking notes.

  • Vickie

    Love these ideas; thanks! I was very excited when I looked up the Love book from #29 and found it 50% off. The only problem you can only get it “in store” and the store is in Australia? Now if I can just find someone going to Australia who can pick it up for me; lol

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      LOL! I wonder if there is another place where we can get something similar. I’ll look for it and let you know :) . And if you happen to find something similar, Vickie, let us know, okay? Thanks!! <3

      • Vickie

        I contacted them and found out they don’t have any places in the USA that sell their products. She told me of a way I can get one so I’m waiting to hear back how much it will cost and I asked about getting 5 or 10 in case others in the USA might like to get one. I’ll keep you updated.

        • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

          How resourceful!

  • Bonny Pearl

    These ideas are awesome! I tried ‘Message in a Balloon’ years ago. He actually had more fun sucking out the helium and talking like a munchkin than anything! Thanks for compiling these.

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Ha! That is too funny. Definitely something my honey would enjoy doing too. I saw this idea on The Dating Divas too and on that one, the person blew up tons of them and literally covered the floor in balloons. I imagine it took her husband days to pop them all and read the notes inside.

    • Gina

      Try a message in an egg. I just found it on You can craft your own message or choose from one of theirs. OMG. It’s great.

      • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

        Super cool!

  • cathy p

    How do you do the Scotland idea?

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Hi Cathy! The link provided there is to the company in Scotland that sells the titles. I still have to investigate some more but I may do that for my hubby. Definitely something unique for him to talk about at the office, isn’t it? :)

  • Kasey Werner

    I LOVE this list! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to be sharing this with all of my blog readers

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yeah!! Thank you so much, Kasey :) .

  • melissa

    I love all of these ideas!! They really helped me out! Thanks everyone!!! :)

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Awesome. So happy we could help. <3

  • maddigan13

    Really liked this list especially the Scottish lord and love story book ideas, very creative :) For more ideas I’ve compiled a list of long distance relationship ideas (many apply to non LDR relationships too): and general romantic ideas:

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Cool. Thanks!

  • poohface300

    Our anniversary is coming up and I’m definitely going to use some of these awesome ideas!!! :)

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Great! Happy anniversary!!

  • Lilly sue

    I just read thru this list but only made it to The Lord part. My hubby is now a lord for reals! Hah he will be very excited on his birthday in sure thanks

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Isn’t that the coolest gift – EVER! Love it.

      • Rachel D. Sparkle

        how does it work? how do you know its real?how big is 1sq feet?how much did you buy?

  • Jessica

    Hello everybody,

    I want to share another great idea that worked awesome for me, I got a personalized poem from this website, here is also the facebook page The poems are amazing. I hope you can check it out! Thank you!

  • Maria Smith

    the idea is very best for selection gift

    ideal gift for men

  • cary

    great ideas, cant tell you how hard it is to buy anything my BF likes. by luck i found a leather company online, he loves briefcases…called

  • Taylor

    When my husband and I first met, we discovered that we both liked reese cups and blue bug juice as a kid. So one day while he was at work I showed up at his parents house, put a reese cup and a blue bug juice on his bed, along with a note that said ‘Just like when you were a kid’ with a heart beside of it. He was SO surprised that he told all of his GUY FRIENDS!!!

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      What an awesome surprise and sounds like you gave him something to brag about with his guy friends (and who doesn’t want their hubby bragging about how fabulous their wife is)? Great idea, Taylor!

  • Jennadanelle

    I write mini love notes on little pieces of paper, fold them up, and hide them in his clothes in his dresser, the coffee pod holder, etc so he gradually finds them…. And every business trip he has to go on I write him a card and stick it in his luggage to find when he gets there. He loves it. He had to go to a three month training course and I packed an extra bag to check in, with mini cards and gifts for him to open every day he was gone. His first Monday I packed a French press coffee mug and mini packet of gourmet coffee with a ziplock bag, then each Monday after he got new coffee and a treat. Each Sat he loves watching football, so I wrapped up a snack and a bottle of beer, etc. every other day was something new and fun. He loves it.

  • Michelle Zamora

    I surprised him with a free lifetime fishing license. I heard those who are disabled could get one, so I did all the paperwork and planned a fishing trip for us when I presented it to him. He cried!

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      How’d you do that? What’s the process for others who might have hubbies who love to fish?

    • Kendra Richards

      OMG! You’re a genius. I wouldn’t have thought of that, but it’s perfect! Mine LOVES fishing too & in fact, just had to purchase a license yesterday. He has to every year, and always ends up having to purchase all his friends’, too. I should check into something like that for him. Not disabled, so he may not qualify for a life-time license, but I could always buy his next years license or something like that. I’m so glad folks are sharing their amazing ideas for gifts here! I’ve always loved doing random gifts for my SO & lately have been trying for some fun way to surprise him every couple of weeks. Last month I surprised him with a fishing rod bag. Lol. I was on the hunt for the next surprise and am so glad I read the comments. I like seeing the ideas straight from people, especially the men who can tell us what gifts/surprises they loved! :)

      Oh yea, I totally adored the lord idea! I’d like to do something similar to that. There’s the name a star after someone, and my SO has said several times he’d wanted to do it for me, but that it would never hold up to its name. Lol. A sweetie. So, I was wondering what other ideas like the lord one there is… Maybe name a piece of land or road after your love. I got to searching & found a lot! You can name a flower after someone, a Math Theorem, etc Too bad the flower is mind-blowingly expensive. Lots of awesome things to name after your lover, though! Brainstorming now! :)

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  • Anna

    I can not thank you enough for this list!! The Lord gift is GENIUS. My fiance is always talking about how much he wants to visit Scotland one day (he has Scottish relatives) he wanted bagpipes played at our wedding! This will be PERFECT for him-and his dad, too! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yeah! So happy you liked it!!

  • Osita

    I’m a guy and I just found this blog. My mind is blown!
    Last week I found an unusual note pasted on my laptop keyboard by my wife. I usually take this system home from work everyday so she had access. It said “God made you the best of men, then the best of husbands. You cannot be matched! I love you. See you later.” I saw this note at work as I opened the laptop to work.
    Throughout that Tuesday I wasn’t myself…felt like a ruler of the universe and couldn’t wait to go home.

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Sounds like your wife might be a member of this club! :)

  • Victoria Moffatt

    This took a little while and a lot of thinking. But last year for me and my husbands anniversary I wrote 365 little notes and wrapped each one and put them in a jar that said 365 reasons why I love you. I did that so he could open one everyday till our next anniversary. He loved it!!! Made him smile every morning before work. Our anniversary is in six weeks. Now just got to figure out what to do for this year!

  • jessica jason

    I am quite good at drawing and sketching , so for our anniversary I gave him a story of our life (so far) kind of book , with everything from where we first met, how we confessed our love for each other, our first movie, first kiss and everything special abt our relationship. The best thing about them was I drew small cartoonish pictures for every memory. It took me around a week to compile, but was so worth it just for the smile on his face:)

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Love that!

  • Kendra Richards

    LOL. On my hunt to find naming rights — things that you can have named after someone — I found more than I expected. Tuna, toilet paper! LOL. Definitely could make for some funny ‘white elephant’ gifts, for those out there who like that kind of thing. ;)

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Really? Tuna? Okay, now you’ve got me wanting to search for more too. Who knows what else we’ll find?! Thanks, Kendra!

      • Kendra Richards

        Lol. No kidding! I was so intrigued I spent forever looking through all the things available. Turns out there’s a website where you can buy all sorts of random things to name after someone — a lightbulb, which did strike me as a cute gift to my SO who I always compliment for being so “bright” and intelligent. You could really take that one and do something cute as a gift. There was also refrigerators, a chair, pencils, etc. It was something to do with a charity thing. They sell the name rights to light bulbs, pencils and then you have one named after you (or a loved one), but you don’t really get any “proof” or anything out of it. I thought it was a big joke or something at first, but it was something to do with what those who are homeless or with severe lack, the things they have to do without. Oh yea, even a tampon could be named after a person! LOL. But anyways, I don’t know if I understood the entire project. I would have loved it if you got some certificate or an actual light bulb sent to the person you named it after! :) I also wondered, if it’s just an online thing as it appears to be or if the product would ever actually be sold under the buyer’s chosen name. Now that would be neat! But, it is interesting. I’d also like to know if where proceeds go, but couldn’t find that much info.

        • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

          You’re a rock star, Kendra! Thanks for searching this out :) .

  • Gina

    As a wife I am always looking for ‘Just because” ideas for my hubby. These are great ideas and I recently stumbled upon a site called that has one of the most creative ways to express love. They design message eggs that hide a heartfelt note inside. I decided to purchase one and create a unique message for my hubby. His eyes were so wide when he received it and even wider once the egg was cracked. Soooo happy to have found this. Thought I’d share another idea for all the wife’s searching for a creative love message! Adding a pic for those asking “what’s a message egg?”.

    • Sue

      Wow this is so creative. It’s sort of like a message in a bottle but without the bottle.

    • Vivien

      Perfect!!! Very creative idea.

      Also interesting ideas

  • NewToTheWifehood

    Awesome List! Thinking about doing the lord thing. What a fun idea.
    For our One Year of dating, I gave my (now) husband a date night jar. I decorated a mason jar and put Popsicle sticks inside that had different date ideas on them. I color coded them for price/planning too. On the back of a few of them I wrote “My treat”. It’s been fun trying new stuff and we never run out of date night ideas.

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Brilliant idea! Thanks for adding it here.

  • Sunshine

    Thank you for posting these great ideas! Can’t wait to give some a try! My husband has a job that keeps him on his feet all day! ( on concrete no less) an has been working a lot if six day weeks… So one thing I did for him was, I let him kick back on the couch made Him a large bowl of ice cream and then set up the foot tub for him, after he soaked for about 15 min I used sugar scrub and worked on his leg from knee down and feet and used a pumice, then I tensed that off and used massaging lotion to rub his feet and legs! Not too original but he loved that I took the time to pamper him!

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Oh, I know he loved that! Something nice and relaxing for an incredibly hard working man. Nice!

  • Well Gifted
  • stephanie

    The best gift I ever gave was simply a box with my kiss on the lid and I literally blew kisses into the box. My boyfriend at the time was never into giving our receiving gifts, and we have sense split up, but to this day he’ll still tell anyone it’s the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for him.

  • Copernicus

    How about having a real planet named after him for free? Check out this free planet naming website at

    • jessie

      Jessietruly a planet..did you have additional sources just to ensure it was real?

  • Nency

    Great article! – here are many options for gifts…

  • Elizabeth Lund

    Great! Love this. Following.

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yeah! Thanks, Elizabeth.

  • Boy Gift

    There is also IPhone app for that (called What to get my boyfriend), its very
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  • Sara

    Unfortunately the last one doesn’t work every time :S other women in the same rare situation as myself will totally understand what I mean (you have a big “appetite” and he doesn’t…it blows).

  • Natty-Jayy

    I made my guy a survival kit for dating me.
    I got just a plain box, and filled it with glitter, jems and little cute quotes I wrote down every now and again and folded them up for whenever hes sad, I put in come caramel nibbles since hes got such a sweet tooth, and a smaller box with reasons why I love you, I rolled the cut pieces of paper up into mini scrolls and placed them in, with instructions (take one when sad, 2 when you miss me etc) I put in a squeezy zombie for him too. And wrote I love you out in the train tickets I had for when Igo to see him

  • Natty-Jayy

    I also put in a little tin of glitter to show him how much his smiles shines & left kisses in each corner of the box in bright lipstick :)
    He loves it & still uses it, thought the chocolates are gone :)