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3 Memorable Gifts to Give Your Husband This Christmas

3 Memorable Gifts to Give Your Husband This Christmas

I married a Christmas Eve baby so every year it’s a juggle to make sure my husband feels like the most important man in the world while honoring the Man for whom the holiday was originally created.

Every year, on the eve of my husband’s birthday, I get a little nervous.  Is my gift nice enough?  Will it feel special enough?  Will it convey how much his love means to me.

And almost as quickly as this flood of questions come to mind, the answers come to sooth my nerves and reassure my heart.

It doesn’t matter the present because the greatest gifts I can give cannot be purchased.

What he desires most on this day is my love, adoration and respect.  Not any different from any other day, but I become acutely aware of this every Christmas Eve.

So I pose this question to you: What can you give your husband this Christmas that cannot be purchased in a store or cooked on a stove but will mean the world to him? 

Whatever that is, whatever comes to mind first, do exactly that.  And if you drew a blank, not to worry, I trust you’ll find inspiration in today’s post by Lori Ferguson.

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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I imagine you’re feeling a bit busy right now. A bit stretched. Somewhat frazzled, perhaps? How’s your “to-do” list? Got all your gifts purchased?

What are you giving your husband?

Socks? Underwear? A log splitter? 

Many times the actual physical gifts don’t matter.

They’re enjoyed. Or not.

The gifts are consumed. Or not.

Some gifts are returned.

A few are re-gifted.

Other gifts are put on the closet shelf and never see the light of day again.

What about gifts which require no money yet are memorable?

Around our home we’ve been clearing out the extra stuff. I can tell you that after 30 years together as husband and wife there’s a lot of stuff which isn’t being used! The items we possess haven’t made our life better or richer, it’s been the moments we’ve spent together that have shaped our life. Those moments pass by quickly… but they’re the real gifts. Moments into memories.

Are your moments with your husband creating positive memories?

Good memories have no monetary value, yet they’re the precious coin that you will leave as a legacy of love to all those who are a part of your life. They’re the gifts that last and can be built upon as you create a meaningful life. 

Below are 3 suggestions for gifts which cost nothing (except some self-control).

This holiday season can be filled with so many expectations, an endless list of meeting needs, and very little time to catch our breath. The busyness may lead to overlooking these gifts…

However, in view of years to come, these gifts will make an impact because they have everything to do with creating a peace filled atmosphere.

3 gifts which cost nothing and are fully under your control:

Smile without restraint.

It’s been said it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile – so conserve your energy and smile.  Smiling is an action. You can deliberately choose to smile. No hesitation, no qualification, no requirement, just try it with a smile and see the difference it makes when interacting with the guy you love.

Question without criticizing.

You’re not going to be able to agree on everything during this festive season. Two people will have a difference of opinion. Discussion is good, and asking good questions keeps the dialogue positive. Hone your questions. Keep the questions respectful because criticism hurts. Have you heard of the idea “seek first to understand”?  That’s what it’s all about. Begin by asking, “Help me understand…”

Respond without expectation.

Give your husband the gift of kindness – regardless. C.S. Lewis said it this way, “Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be attained.” Be kind to your husband. Kindness in action is one gift which sets the stage for positive interactions, and makes cherished memories.

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Lori Ferguson is a writer with a passion to encourage. She’s a Christ follower, wife of 30 years, and mom to grown kids. You can find her online at where she blogs somewhat regularly about encouragement in marriage. Lori and her husband work with couples who lead - in business, ministry & non-profit. Check out for more information.

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