Happy Husbands Club {7 Little Things That Make a Big Difference}

By Fawn Weaver on Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Husbands Club

I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce you to our guest writer for today.

By far, my favorite person in the world!  He gives me a healthy dose of Vitamin F2 daily.

There is no person on earth I love more.  There is no person I respect more.  

If you’ve ever met my husband, you know he is a man of few words. 

The last place you’ll ever find him is on social media and this blog has embarrassed him on more occasions than I care to admit (sorry, babe).

He is full of wisdom but never gives unsolicited advice.  And if I hadn’t been asking him for 3 years straight to guest post, it’s pretty unlikely he’d ever offer.

Friends, meet the man, behind the woman, behind the founding of the Happy Wives Club.  I am honored.  I am grateful.  Man o’ man do I adore this man.

Until tomorrow…make it a great day!

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BTW- After creating this image, Keith said, “Honey, did you just make me white?” :)  This was the best Getty Images photo I could find of a group of men but my honey is far browner (and more handsome).


So, yes, I exist…  I’m the happy husband!  Being married to the founder of Happy Wives Club, I wanted to write and tell you all of the “secrets” Fawn won’t share!  Okay, not really… I do want to keep our wedded bliss, well, blissful.

That said, I’m breaking my silence with my first ever blog post (or any kind of post for that matter) and sharing my perspective on marriage.

First off, you should know I’m pretty private, so you can well imagine what it’s like when people mention some of the racier posts that have been on the site or what goes through my head when people ask, “When are you starting the Happy Husbands Club?”

And, with respect to social media, I know there’s something called Facebook and apparently people are Twittering or some such thing… Not me, but I do know how to toot!

That said, I suppose being a happy husband is greatly helped when you’ve married an amazing woman as I have. I love my beautiful and talented wife and I will share that all of you have so encouraged and inspired her (as well as me and others), which is why this site is well-visited and why the book materialized.

Speaking of which, if you haven’t already done so, I humbly request that you pre-order the book by following this link HappyWivesClubBook.com. (Pre-orders matter more than anyone ever tells you but trust me, after spending the past several months learning about it, they matter a lot… So thank you.)  

In truth, the “secrets” to great relationships and marriages are extraordinarily simple and we all know them.

The key is in the application and, while I’m certainly imperfect and can cite my failures, I strive to adhere to age-old wisdom that on its face won’t knock your socks off.

We’ve all heard “what you reap is what you sow” or “do unto others…” You get the idea.  Not exactly rocket science, right?  In fact, it’s amazingly simple.

Perhaps the challenge is many presume that because something is simple it’s too easy to be effective.  And, thus, we complicate things a great deal.

For some, as you read this you may even be thinking, It’s not that simple Keith!”  Or he or she does this or that or he or she didn’t do this or that.  I’ll concede that saying “I love you” isn’t a panacea for everything or words and small deeds alone can’t solve every challenge. But I hope you will also concede these ostensibly insignificant things build up and, at a minimum, do help when sustained consistently over time.

So I will leave you with just one challenge assignment (hint, I’m setting a really low bar here so we can all excel!).  And, the rewards will be to your benefit.

The assignment is to do one simple thing for your spouse every day this week.

Seven little things…

It should be something you don’t do typically, something that doesn’t require spending significant money (or any money), and take pleasure in doing it (not because you necessarily like to do whatever “it” is, but because it’s a small gesture to “love on” your spouse).  I’m going to do it as well.  Shhhh, don’t tell Fawn but I’m going to drop off the dry cleaning today!  

I encourage you to share this post with your friends and husband. Let’s take this challenge together.  I’m so confident this will yield benefits to your relationship and am excited to read your reports throughout the week.

Thank you all for supporting marriage and being committed to changing how people look at it around the world. You are all amazing and we -every happy husband alike- are appreciative.  I’m honored for my first, and perhaps only, online post to be here to you.


Keith aka Husband-In-Chief

P.S. I mentioned this earlier but if you haven’t already pre-ordered the Happy Wives Club book, you should definitely do it.  I don’t say this because she is my wife (although with a bit of bias because she’s amazing), but because it’s a really great read.


JOIN THE 1,000,000 MEMBER CHALLENGE: If you haven’t already done it, what are you waiting for? Join the club! It takes only a few seconds and, of course, is free.

Fawn Weaver is the USA Today® and New York Times® bestselling author of Happy Wives Club: One Woman's Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage, adopting the same name as the Club she founded in 2010. The Happy Wives Club community has grown to include more than 900,000 women in over 110 countries around the world. When she’s not blogging or working on her next project, she's happily doting over her husband of nearly eleven years, Keith.

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  • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

    Do you see why I utterly adore this man?! Although, I did have to ask him for the definition of panacea. LOL! He’s such a smarty smart :) .

  • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

    Just got a call from the hubs who was at the store asking me to read off the grocery list. I’m usually the one who does the grocery shopping but it looks like he’s the one doing it today. Oh man – this means I need to find something to do for him that he’s not expecting. Hmmm… Going to work on that.

    • Lauren Lawson

      Love it!!

  • Lauren Lawson

    Love this, great post Keith. I except the challenge!! :) Those sweet small things really matter.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      I’m sitting on Keith’s lap as I type this :) . He’s smiling. Thanks, Lauren, for accepting the challenge!

  • http://www.modernmarried.com/ Maggie Reyes

    I love this for SO MANY REASONS – but the thing that always makes me smile is when I meet a hubby who reminds me of my hubsicle….I am everywhere on Social Media….the Hubs is…not ;-) He is very proud and often amused at my adventures and gives advice and ideas behind the scenes.
    I also love – husband in chief! LOVE IT!
    The third thing I love which I think the world desperately needs is the EXAMPLE of a happily married man, showing what it is like to love and support his wife. People cannot aspire to that which they cannot envision. I know somewhere, someone is reading this post today and thinking “that is possible for me.” Giving that person hope, and a priceless gift which is the opening of their heart and mind to a new way of being.
    Thank you Keith! (and Fawn – for marrying him in the first place!)

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      It is my pleasure :) . Love that you call your hubs “my hubsicle.” Cute!

    • Anna Coleman

      I Loved this post! I also loved your reply, Maggie, I thought the exact same things so, couldn’t have said it better myself! ;) (just to reiterate… Husband-in-Chief…LOL–Brilliant!

      • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

        Thanks, Anna!

      • http://www.modernmarried.com/ Maggie Reyes

        Awww! Thanks Anna!

    • Dee Ochoa

      This is a great post and reply. I’m definitely going to start this today. I’ll ask God to help me since I am not sure what things to do for him. Either way, I’m going to give it all that I’ve got. :) I adore husband-in-chief and hubsicle. I’m so going to use those! Thanks ladies!

      • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

        I just asked my hubby about this and he suggested to take over a small duty that might usually rest with your husband (taking out the trash, taking his car to get washed, picking up the dry cleaning, making or picking up his favorite snack). He reiterated for it to be something really small and unexpected.

      • http://www.modernmarried.com/ Maggie Reyes

        So glad you liked the hubsicle! One of my favorite things is to make up silly (loving!) names for my hubby.

  • CatieP

    It’s so nice to get the man’s perspective. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed reading this post ;-)

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Thanks, Catie! I definitely share your note with Keith.

  • keltrinswife


    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Hi Keltrin’s Wife! :) I don’t think we’ve chatted in a while. So excited to see your beautiful face in the comment section.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      And Jen, thank you again for pre-ordering the book. Really appreciate you!

  • Lori Britt

    Awesome! The “did you make me white” comment cracked me up! I can totally relate, because my husband is a beautiful brown as well … and it’s tough finding cards to match us sometimes … especially because I’m about as white as Xerox paper! Ha! Love him joining in on this – I shared on FB. I will share on my monthly marriage mentoring minute that I do for our church ministry. Blessings, Fawn!!!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yes, for my next business, I think I’ll roll out a “Getty Images for Minorities” site – LOL! I don’t know why my peeps (and your husband’s peeps) don’t have many good pictures out there. “White as Xerox paper” – ha! Too funny :) . Thanks, Lori, for stopping by and posting a note.

  • Kristen

    This post has great timing. My husband will be traveling on assignment this week, so doing something little and thoughtful for him each day will take some creativity, but it will be a great way to keep us close while he’s away. (and Keith sounds like a lot of fun)

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Keith is loads of fun, Kristen! Like your husband, just a genuinely wonderful guy. About him being away, I have one little idea. If he’s staying at a hotel, call the front desk supervisor or concierge and ask them to write out a note for your husband (maybe something like, “Dear Mr. _______, Your wife contacted us and requested that we get this urgent message to you. You are loved. You are cherished. And even though you’ve only been gone a day, you are missed.”

      Okay, so those are words that I would use and I’m sure you’d say something completely different but that would DEFINITELY shock him :) .

      • Kristen

        What a great idea! I don’t know that I would have come up with that one. He WOULD be shocked.

  • Heather Kandrick

    In a society today where marriage and family are attacked by Satan on a daily basis I am so happy to see the movement to uphold marriage and fight for it. I am so glad that you have taken this mission on and love reading your posts. Thank you and your husband.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Thanks, Heather! I feel so honored to be a part of such a wonderful group of women. Before I became a part of this group, I could count on one hand the number of happily married couples I knew. Now, to be among several hundred thousand – all I can say is it is absolutely wonderful. <3

      • Heather Kandrick

        I truly feel you will be greatly blessed by God for doing this work :)

  • Terri Lemmond

    Great idea. Do you think you could get “the hubs” to give us ideas for men? Currently I’m not working, and disabled. Would love some ideas to get creativity started.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Oooh, great idea! He’s running out the door as we speak but when we reconnect tonight, I’ll definitely ask him to respond with some ideas.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Hi Terri! I was able to get a few responses for him before he headed out: Taking out the trash, taking his car to get washed, picking up the dry cleaning, making or picking up his favorite snack. He reiterated for it to be something really small so you can do 7 of them, but more importantly, unexpected. For me, we have a bunch of things in our living room that he’s been meaning to take to our storage space. I’m going to surprise him by taking them over and then when he comes home, the floor will be completely clear :) .

  • Elaine Marino

    he convinced me… pre-ordering your book! even though I’m a “newly” wed… i want to keep it “blissful” from here on out! love your blog too! (I’m a “newly” blogreading person, as well.) :-)

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yeah!! Thanks, Elaine. And he’s right, pre-orders matter more than we ever knew. It’s how retailers determine if they’ll carry your book. So thanks!!

  • http://www.trueagape.com/ Cassie

    Very neat to hear from your hubs! :)

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      It’s so neat to have him. He’s been saying “no” for a very long time. Actually, he never said no, he’d just laugh every time I broached the topic :) .

  • Toni P

    so excited that I am going to get to meet him (and you of course!!) yay!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Looking forward to you traveling to the States so we can meet you in person. And yes, I’d be more excited to meet Keith too (he’s a pretty awesome guy).

  • J (Anonymous)

    This sounds like my husband, also a man of few words (and sometimes not even words, just grunts–as if that’s communication or something). I love this reminder to take care of the small stuff, the little ways we can let our beloved know that we are thinking of them and that we value their presence in our life.

    And I’m very excited about Fawn’s book release! Woot-woot!

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Thanks, J! I appreciate you so much. Isn’t it funny how almost every blogger has a husband who is waaaay behind the scenes and a man of few words? That’s so interesting, don’t you think? Keeps our lives nicely balanced :) . And I just saw your tweet go out on this. Thanks a ton!

  • Cami

    Keith, I totally agree with you, it is the simple things that make marriage SO awesome! My hubby is totally in the happy hubby’s club because he makes me so happy by being completely perfect it is almost annoying. :) I am totally going to do my best to do 7 nice things for my spouse this week. Thanks for your website Fawn, I am happy to join your club. I am a very happy wife. :)
    -Cami (wife of Tyson @ uplifting-love.com)

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yeah! We adore your hubby, Tyson, around these parts. Love how you guys are strengthening marriages everywhere! I’ll share your note with Keith because he’s serious when he says he’s never on anything social media related (including, or maybe especially, blogs :) ).

  • Carole Muga Benard

    I love love love this site, thanks Fawn.

    • http://www.happywivesclub.com/ Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Yeah!! Thanks for your kind comment, Carole.

  • Joel Mbowa

    Fawn this is a great post.
    I love the way you adressed your husband (Hopefully the happy husbands clubs has statrted).
    I just found about this portal couple of weeks ago (been married for seven months today) and I fell in love with it (Shared it with my wife – Lee already).
    I cant hide but get off some time and read stuff on it (though its for “wives only”).
    It is encouraging to find people with a practical positive view on marriage.
    GOD bless you for the great work.


  • Joel Mbowa

    And OH keith,
    Thanks for supporting Fawn.
    It blessed to find or even get to know of a supportive husband
    You are indeed adorable.
    GOD bless you sir.