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Our Favorite Date Night Ideas From Around the Web

We have some fabulous ladies on board to fill this section jam packed with date night ideas for you and your hubby.  And sometimes we’ll grab great ideas from around the web and share.  Either way, from super cheap to over-the-top elaborate, these articles have something special just for you!

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By Maggie Reyes
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Free Date Idea: Take a Fantasy Tour Around the Globe

Happy anniversary!  Can you believe it’s been a full year since the Happy Wives Club book was released on January 7, 2014.  Where did the time go?

Since it is, technically, it’s birthday or anniversary, or whatever celebratory thing you want to call it, how about we create a brand new -and scrumptiously unique- date idea?

Free date ideas are the best kind in my book. With at least 52 potential weekly date nights in a year, you can never have too many ideas to choose from. And if your hubby is like mine and loves variety, it’s a great idea to have a few plans in your back pocket and ready to go.

Today we are combining food, travel, TV, *and* using a little inspiration from the Happy Wives Club book– what’s not to love?

One of my favorite parts of the Happy Wives Club book was feeling like I was seeing, smelling and tasting all the places Fawn went to interview happy couples and learn their secrets to happy marriages.

When I was thinking about a FUN and FREE date night idea, I remembered how much fun The Hubs and I have watching House Hunters International and fantasizing about whether or not we would ever live anywhere but home.

Soooo I thought it would be even more fun to go on a fantasy vacation, inspired by the fabulous locales in the Happy Wives Club Book and approved by the hubby!

What you will need:

1. Laptop or Tablet – to cue up the Travel Channel’s website.

I suggest taking all the links below and opening them in new tabs, that way they are cued up and ready to go so you have the mechanics out of the way and can snuggle and discuss as you go along the tour.

2. Some yummy food – check out great snack ideas inspired by the book (see links to fabulous recipes at the end of every country I’ve listed below.)

3. A little conversation – one of my favorite things to do with the hubby is PAUSE THE TV and DISCUSS. Would we want to go there? What do we want to see? Is it a “must-go-before-we-die-place?” or a “would-be-nice-but-eh-place?”

Ready for the World Tour? (You don’t even need a passport! Score.)

Cape Town, South Africa

This one is on my own bucket list. I loved this video because I must admit, I was curious to see the South African version of McDonald’s. It does not disappoint.

The recipes from this fabulous part of the world:

And who could forget about the red cappuccino’s Fawn raved about, and are only served as espresso’s in South Africa? Well, this may not be identical but I think we found a way to enjoy the taste without needing to take the flight: 

Perth, Australia

When I was a kid Olivia Newton John was one of my idols (thank you, Grease! And yes, it’s still the word.) So Australia has been magical and beautiful since I was 13. When Oprah went during her final season, I fell in love with it all over again.

When I was looking for the most viewed videos on Australia it turned out to be a review of their Superman roller coaster.

That reminded me of one of the things I just love about travel – the way you can plan a thousand details and yet a place will surprise you and the last thing you thought you would ever do there turns out to be your favorite part.

So, here is the link to Superman Down Under -

And a little dive into the Great Barrier Reef –

And a little 5 Star Spa Day to relax after all that exploring!

And we can’t forget some great local recipes from down under (or what the locals call “Oz”) - 


Since we are half way around the world already, let’s just hop over to Mauritius for some “Street Eats” and snacks.

Don’t forget to try out some of the fabulous Creole food from Mauritius -

Or you can do what Fawn did when dining with a French couple married more than half a century, enjoy some fabulous (and buttery) French cuisine -

Europe – Rome & London

Let’s wrap up our world tour with some Gladiator school in Rome –

a mini tour of Rome neighborhoods -

a look around London -

and finally, the food!

While in Rome…eat as the Romans do:

While in London, authentic fish and chips are a must:

Winnipeg, Canada

According to Fawn, those living in Winnipeg will be the first to tell you there’s not a whole lot to do there other than The Forks.  But what they do have and are so proud to share (aside from a beautiful culture and love for family and mastering the art of simplicity): Poutine.  It’s so popular, Canadians even tried to make it their official national food.

These are just a few of the 12 countries Fawn visited during her research for the Happy Wives Club book, there’s so much fun to see and learn about.

After this date night, always remember that it doesn’t take a lot of money to travel the world – just an Internet connection and a little creativity.

Where do you and your spouse want to travel next? Please share in the comments.

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Happy Wives Club Book


THE NEW YORK TIMES® BEST-SELLING BOOK: It’s been described as, “Like Eat, Pray, Love but not down on marriage.” Make sure to check out the Happy Wives Club book.  I had the great honor of traveling to 12 countries on 6 continents, interviewing couples happily married 25 years or more, with 1 mission only: to find out what makes marriages happy…and keeps them that way.  It’s a marriage book like none other.  Guaranteed.

By Tammy Greene
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4 Fun Summer Date Nights

There is something about the summer sun that makes me feel at home and happy. 

On the first day of summer I welcome in with a happy heart the heat, the bbqs, the swimming, the vacation time.

But, what I look forward to most is spending the warm summer evenings hanging out with my husband. There is little else that brings my heart so much joy.

Summer is a time when you can forget the traditional date night of heading to a restaurant.

It is the time when you can get creative, head outdoors and enjoy the lingering summer sun with the one you love.

Here are some ideas for fun summer dates to spend with your sweetie.

Go To A Drive In
A drive in movie is, without a doubt nostalgic and romantic. And, there is something undeniably tender about snuggling next to your sweetie under the summer night sky and sharing a box of Milk Duds.

Revisit your youth and pack up the car with chairs, blankets, pillows and sweets and take your spouse to a good old fashioned drive in theater.

Do an online search to find a drive in near you.  No drive in theaters around?  Check event listings in your area.  Many cities offer movies in the park for a similar experience.

Dance at an Outdoor Concert
There is nothing quite like an outdoor concert.  But, going to a big expensive concert isn’t necessary in order to take your sweetie on this fun date.  Many towns offer concerts in the park with local bands.

Pack up some fold up chairs and buy some take out and sit back and enjoy the local culture.  Hear a song you like?  Ask your spouse to dance.  Summer air, good food, music and your sweetie? Now those are the ingredients of a great date!

Go For a Drive
For as long as I have known my husband he has loved to put together a summer playlist of music. Back in the day that meant making a mixed cassette tape.  Now it is as simple as dragging and dropping our favorite songs in ITunes.

For a great summer date, make a playlist that your spouse would like and hit the open road.  Go for a drive with the windows down, the music on and sing out loud together.   See where the road and the music takes you.

Watch a Meteor Shower
One of my favorite date memories is when Husband and I drove up to the mountains and laid in the bed of the truck watching a meteor shower.  Talk about romantic.

This summer, head out past the city lights between August 10th and August 13th to catch the Perseid Meteor Shower.  Grab some blankets, pillows, wine and dessert and have a romantic night among the stars.

Whatever it is that you do for date night, get out and enjoy the summer air.  The freedom and hope that summer brings comes and goes so quickly.  Don’t let it fly by without taking some time to enjoy it with the one you love most.

By Paula Rollo
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Listening Night

You know the old saying “opposites attract”? In many ways, that was true for my husband and I. While we certainly have our similarities, there are many ways in which we are opposite. 

My husband, for example is and extrovert and kind of a genius. He taught himself to read Greek in less than a year, and his idea of a relaxing afternoon is studying his tremendously thick C++ computer programming book.

I’m an introvert that would rather spend my time working on my blog, writing books or reading a young adult novel. And for the record, I can’t understand computer programming to save my own life. 

Needless to say, sometimes each of us are more than a little bit bored by the other’s interests.

My husband can drone on for hours about the intricacies of his latest computer program that he’s designing. Not a topic I’m particularly interested in, but then we also have the times when I’m babbling non-stop about blog stats or social media algorithms and he’s as lost in that conversation as I am when he discusses Greek with me!

That’s why listening night, is important to us. And no, we don’t call it that, it’s nothing official, it’s just taking the time, to really, truly listen.

Usually when my husband jabbers on about something I don’t understand I give a half-hearted “mmmhmmm” and move on to something else. It’s okay, because he gives me a tired “that’s great honey” when I talk about my blog and after a bit he tends to change the topic too. We both understand, because these aren’t our shared passions, and they don’t have to be. 

But sometimes, it’s still good to take the time to truly listen. To ask questions and do your best to comprehend the other’s interests. Even when they are completely beyond your realm of understanding, like my husband’s are to me.

When I do this it’s my way of saying “I love you” to him in that moment, as I try to understand whatever has his smart brain intrigued for today. I hear the “love you” back from him as he grins and cheers with me when I break a blogging milestone or tell him about a novel that had me in tears. 

Listening night doesn’t have to be something official, (although it can be). It’s just the simple decision to put aside phones, and switch off the tv, to look each other in the eye and truly try to understand what your spouse is fascinated with, even when it doesn’t also fascinate you. 

Comment Below:  When was the last time you and your hubby had a listening night? Do you have opposite hobbies like we do, or are all of your interests similar? 

By Paula Whidden
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Board Games – They’re Not Boring Anymore

A blanket stretched across the floor welcomes you to a new dating adventure.

The fire sizzles, bringing waves of warmth into the living room. Candles provide accent lighting. The essence of vanilla lingers in the air while soft instrumental music plays in the background.

Now add Monopoly.


You venture to a local park. The sun wraps around you with its warmth and light. You notice the children playing, walk hand-in-hand, and stroll past people walking their dogs. You find a picnic table, sit down and pull out Mancala.

Is your imagination sparked?

If you found yourself bored with board games in the past, take a chance and try again.  The only limits to how much fun they can be come from you. 

Though some couples love video games, it’s time to get away from the mesmerizing screen and just enjoy each other.

You can spread out on your bed to watch a well-known movie and play a board game.

You could take one with you to the mall. Then, play while you comment on the people who meander past you. You can even take one with you as you sit and munch on your favorite fast food.

If you find yourself stuck on which ones to choose, make a date and go to the toy store. Maybe you prefer a classic like chess, or you may pick a more recent game. Stroll down the aisles to notice what catches your eye.

You may discover that each of you is interested in different types of games.  Feel free to choose two. Have a date with his game of choice, then another with yours. Or, set your own path. Decide that you must both agree. You become the sales person attempting to make your spouse interested in the game of your choice.

My husband and I used to travel with a mini scrabble game and play while we waited for our flight to arrive or depart. In my younger years, I despised Scrabble. Tim made it immensely more fun. In the early days, he even let me cheat until I improved and beat him by hundreds of points.

Play Uno or Scrabble or Checkers. Be indoors, outdoors, or grab a travel version and play at an airport or train station. You’ll compete and talk and laugh. Win, lose, or draw, as long as you enjoy each other, it will be anything but boring.   

By Annett Davis
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Progressive Dinner for Two!

Today I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking for some fun and creative date night ideas. To my surprise one of the BEST date night ideas that I’ve ever heard of emerged.

Tricia Callahan, my friend and an awesome blogger over at, gave me permission to share her fabulous date night idea with you.

Have you ever heard of a progressive dinner? It’s a fun dinner that you usually have with friends or neighbors. The way a traditional progressive dinner works is that you have a 3 course meal that is spread out over the course of the night.

The catch is, with a progressive party, you don’t eat the meal all in one place. Each course is served at someone else’s home. For instance, you would have the appetizers at house “A”.  Next you’d move down the street to your neighbors home for the main course, which of course will take a couple of hours there. Finally, you go to the last home for dessert.

Well the traditional progressive party has lots of families or couples involved. Tricia’s idea just involves two people, you and your man.

So how does it work?

How to Have a Progressive Dinner for Two Date Night:

  • Make a list of some of your favorite (or new) restaurants. You’ll need a list of 9 places in the same general area of town. One set of 3 that have great appetizers, another set that has yummy dinners, and the final 3 that have amazing sweet treats. You will let your hubby choose from the list which places you’ll go to (or take turns picking).
  • Get in you car, and while you are on the way to the appetizer location call in your order for take out! Hop out, go get it, and bring it back to your vehicle.  Use your phone wifi to connect your iPad, computer, or phone and watch your favorite Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon movie or series from the comfort (and privacy) of your own ride.
  • When you are finishing up your appetizer, pick the dinner location from the list, call in your order, pick it up, eat, and have fun watching your next series episode.  Then repeat again with the dessert location of your choice.

Variations to the night that I thought of, and weren’t in Tricia’s plan, include having a different activity at each location instead of watching a show. For instance, while you are eating appetizers have a phone game contest, like see who can get the high score on Flappy Birds, or whatever phone craze game is out now.  At your dinner location play a 21 questions game, see if you can find out something new about your spouse that you didn’t already know. During dessert you can have on hand your favorite board or card game to play in your vehicle. 

Remember you are in your car and you can go anywhere you like. So, a fun idea could be taking your dessert to the beach, or a mountainside to watch the sunset. 

The possibilities are endless. Make the night light, creative, delicious, and fun!

Comment Below: What’s will you do on your progressive dinner for two?

By Paula Rollo
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The Date Night Dilemma

Do you wrestle with the date night dilemma?

Because sometimes, for one reason or another, the traditional “date night” out at a restaurant, or to see a movie, is just not possible. 

Maybe you don’t have it in the budget, or you are choosing to save your money for something else.

Perhaps your children are keeping you from being able to go out as often as you once did.

Maybe you or your spouse are one of the people that don’t like the phrase “date night” being used, after marriage. All of these things are perfectly fine, and normal! 

I will let you in on a little secret today; It doesn’t matter what you are doing, it matters who you are doing it with. 

What is most important is not the title that you put on your evening or the extravagant restaurants that you visit. What matters is that you and your spouse regularly take time to deepen and grow your relationship. 

That could mean dinner and a movie out on the town, or it could be the way you talk and laugh as you cook dinner together each night. 

Maybe for you, it’s sitting playing board games together or lying in bed talking for awhile before you drift off to sleep. 

It doesn’t always have to be scheduled, and babysitters are not always required. All that’s really needed is the two of you spending time connecting, however that works in your marriage. 

So don’t feel guilty if you can’t squeeze in that romantic candle lit dinner for 2 at your favorite restaurant. Instead, spend time connecting with your spouse in all the little (and big) chances that you do get throughout your time at home, and watch your relationship blossom. who you are doing it with

Do not let the logistics of date night become a point of contention in your marriage. Do what works for the two of you, and call it what you will. 




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Free Date Idea: Take a Fantasy Tour Around the Globe

Happy anniversary!  Can you believe it’s been a full year since the Happy Wives Club book was released on January 7, 2014.  Where did the time …

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You know the old saying “opposites attract”? In many ways, that was true for my husband and I. While we certainly have our similarities, there are …

Board Games – They’re Not Boring Anymore

A blanket stretched across the floor welcomes you to a new dating adventure. The fire sizzles, bringing waves of warmth into the living room. Candles provide …

Progressive Dinner for Two!

Today I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking for some fun and creative date night ideas. To my surprise one of the BEST date night …

The Date Night Dilemma

Do you wrestle with the date night dilemma? Because sometimes, for one reason or another, the traditional “date night” out at a restaurant, or to see …

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  • SaCh’e Events&Design

    Awesome ideas! My event company is dedicated to creating special events to strengthen marriages. Date night (quality time) is a must. Thank you for this beautiful purpose. God Bless

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Love the idea of what your company is doing! Very cool.

  • ANASTASIS Marriage Ministry

    These are great ideas, some my husband and I have done, others we will do. We are facilitators of a marriage ministry and we will share some of these ideas with the couples so they can “keep it fresh”! Thank you so much and God Bless.

  • JB Guidotti

    He was really surprised about the “date night” I set up for us! It really melts my heart to see him that happy. I’m so glad and honored to be part of this club. God Bless!

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      That looks amazing!! He’s a happy camper. Love seeing that :) .

  • Yolanda

    My husband and I will be celebrating our first anniversary on Valentine’s Day. I was looking for things to do when I found this website. This is awesome. I don’t know anyone talking about this site, so I will be the one to pass it around. I am so excited. I will also learn from those of you who are experienced in marriage.

    • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

      Thanks for spreading the word, Yolanda! Appreciate you.

  • rheanna

    Hello there, can i ask your planing to have a date with my husband on skype because his in abroad and i want this coming valentines day to become speacial..i hope you guys can help me..Thanks in advance..God bless..

  • Nicole

    My husband and I have been married for 10 years now and well, we don’t seem to have anything to talk about. When we do a date night we rarely speak other than the boring everyday activities, which take less than five minutes to cover. I’ve tried asking questions that I think he could elaborate on but I just end up getting yes, no, or short answers versus sparking a conversation. Any suggestions on how to find things to talk about after 10 years? I’ve also tried not saying anything to see if he’ll start the conversation and it usually sounds like crickets. I Would love to hear from those who may have had this happen in their marriages and any suggestions to spark conversation.

    • Stephanie

      I think setting an intention to connect and letting him know that you are spending this quality time with him to do so helps set the stage. Let him know you care about him and whats going on in his inner world, his hopes and dreams, concerns etc. Take some pressure off yourself to have a busy conversation and just let your time together flow and see what happens. We are celebrating our 17th anniversary this month and know that designated time alone together is what helps us connect the most. For us it’s usually the hour we lay in bed before falling asleep but its also that time away from home (there’s always something to be done) a walk in the park or mall, dinner out, that kind of thing. Sometimes we don’t talk much but just having that time together that we know we are there for each other is just what we need. Good luck!

      • Fawn @ Happy Wives Club

        Such great advice, Stephanie! Thanks.

  • T. Wykoff

    My husband and I are newly weds, we married Dec 31, 2013. He works offshore and spends many days and night away. Some times it maybe 3 months at a time away from home. So I try to do something special a couple of nights before he leaves out. Before he left this time, I went and picked up a bottle of champagne and some strawberries. I went into our bedroom while he was watching tv, set it all up, light music, candles, with the champagne and strawberries. So when he said he was coming to bed he walked into a very relaxed room and was surprised at what I did without him knowing. We just simply sit on the bed, talked about everything, and enjoyed the time of sharing the day. So, today I was surprised to see a post on his FB page. He doesn’t post much on his page, but him being away in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico….it made me an even more….Happy Wife.